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    Condition of Government Hospitals

    Besides larger amount of investment from the government side and also having good doctors , why are the government hospitals not improving in their standards ? A poor man goes to government hospital with no other option, a rich man doesn't even think of going there and a middle class man , atleast gets a loan to get treated in a private hospital.With government funding , these hospitals can serve best health care than any other private hospital. So , where is the problem ?Who is at fault ? Is the administration from government side not strict or negligence of authorities in the hospital or is it because of the people who come there to take treatments ?
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    1)I feel that the fund which is allocated by Government to Hospital is inadequate.
    2)Inadequate salary to doctors. Because of low salary, all the Government doctors run their own clinic and concentrate more on developing their clinic instead of thinking about how to improve or implement the good treatment in Government Hospitals.
    3)Inadequate equipments
    4)Doctors Vs Patients ratio. Less number of doctors but more number of Patients

    Still we can list lots of reasons.

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    The situation in Govt hospitals is same across the country.

    They do get central and state funds but they are misused and under used.

    Many private hospitals are vying each other for providing best health services and our govt hospitals sleeps on old traditions only.

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    the funds send to the government hospitals are used by politician in olden days. nowadays the government have all advanced facilities equal to the private hosipital. but the people does not utilize the facilities,till now goverment offers medical facility for poor people

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    According to my idea the point is that the government hospital is not up to their standards because people promote to the others in that way. When compared to the previous facilities that were available in the government hospital now there are various options available which are vary much useful to the people.

    But there are also some other reasons on why the government hospitals are so down on the people mind. The reason is because of the lazy worker there. The workers and the doctors are paid properly even though they dont do the job properly. People think that the government hospitals are always like this and they ultimately hate it and this is the reason on why the facilities go waste here. The doctors and the workers who work in the government hospitals does not have humanity towards the people. This can also be told as another main reason on why the public does not prefer this government college.

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