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    Does songs give people relaxatoin or dance makes feel relxed?
    What programs make Indian people very relaxed- song or dance?
    Most people opt for song or dance?
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    Why not songs do give comfort and relax.

    But not todays songs.

    I like old tamil songs which is not only remembered but also humable.

    Old songs lyrics match our life incidents and hence are the hit.

    The old music is ever lasting.

    K Mohan

    Theeinal Sutta Punn Arumay...Aaradhey Naavinaal Sutta Vadu...

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    Hai Thejeswari
    If you hear music or songs in any langueage, definitely it will give some Relaxation to your mind.It is scientifically proved that even plants show some type response to Music.


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    Hi Thejeswari,
    Really very Good Question. Which makes us more relaxed? Songs or Dance?

    My Answer:

    Why I chose that Option?

    1. Whenever you are upset you can easily tune up your mind to Music by simply switching on you i-Pod or Any other Music Gadget. Is it Possible to you Dance???When you are already upset...But Music can make a Good Smile on your Face...Its Magical Touch of Music.

    2. Now, Go to the Stone Age Period, Humans are made Really Cautious about Hearing sounds at very much Care. They heard the Sounds of Animals and Made their move Right on Olden Days to Protect Themselves from Dangers.So, Humans are much Prepared in Hearing Sounds.When the Sound Sounds Good.It will Sure Make us Good and Feel better.

    3. Hearing Vedic Mantras and Devotional Songs will improve your concentration well. Proven By Health Experts.

    4. It's the One and Only Way to make you feel good At Easier Way.

    5. Hearing the Nature Sounds, Make you feel well.

    6. Songs are never constrained by Boundaries; they are Diversed as Sad Songs, Happy Songs...etc...Like our Feelings...It's Travel at Same Equator Too.

    7. In the Most of the Multi National Corporations(MNC). They Play Music's While You are attending the Aptitude Tests. To make YOU COMFORT.

    8. Most Powerful Therapy for your Mind is Music. Songs never be Erased from Our History,till the Humans get Erased.Ex: Rajaji, Listens to M.S.SUBBULAKSHMI AMMAL Musics, when he feel so bored.

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    Song will help most of us to be in tension free life .Even i too hear music to reduce my tension and definitely it help in positive result.Dance is one get excersiced with tension free mind,here we can get two both is need for tension free environment.Make use both really help for good entertaining activities.


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    Relaxation is process of reducing the pressure, tension in our body, our mind.

    Outcome of Relaxation is Peaceful Mind.

    Relaxation can only be done using an action or activity.

    This activity differs from people to people.

    Some of the relaxing activities are
    * Listening to music.
    * Meditation.
    * Dancing.
    * Sitting in solitude and many.

    Usually, means of relaxing will be directly opposite to profession of the person.

    The person who sits all day in work does some body utilizing activities for relaxation. For example, play tennis, walking, etc.

    The person who travels all day in work does Music listening, playing instrumentals, meditation and so on for relaxation.

    Relaxation means of one person does not need to work out for another.

    Yet, most people do that and get frustrated.

    Music may be a common means fo relaxation but, not for everyone it works.

    Relaxation can be obtained by any means for a person. All you has to do is listen to yourself.

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    hi buddy,

    Good question both song & dance gives us relaxation not only this two things just speaking with your family members also gives more relaxation to your mind and gives clearance for every problem.

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    Relaxation stands quite generally for a release of tension, a return to equilibrium.

    in music, tension is the perceived need for relaxation or release created by a listener's expectations. For example, dissonance may give way to consonance. Tension may also be produced through reiteration or gradual motion to a higher pitch.

    relaxation is mainly needed for the people who have any of this.
    1. Anger
    2.Anxiety attacks.
    3.cardiac problem
    6.blood pressure

    but all these problems music is the main thing to reduce stress.
    because dance inturn makes ur heart beat faster for the movements we do but music can reduce ur problems and maintains peace in body.

    for each and every problems there are musical cassettes available.
    there are musics even for heart patience.

    Movement-based relaxation methods may be like
    1. yoga
    2. walking
    3. gardening
    4. acupuncture
    5. massage

    these can also reduce stress in body.

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