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    Do we live to eat or eat to live ?
    Which is the correct statement?
    Explain strongly.
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    It is surely we live to eat.
    We earn a lot only to eat.
    We hard work a lot in life only to eat and be healthy.
    Only to be healthy always, we eat.
    To eat,we need money.
    so, we work hard, aim high to earn more money and finally we try to eat a delicious food.
    Everyone in this world live to eat.

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    Hi ,

    Born as a human,everyone must have a purpose in life.Some recognize what is their goal, aim and vision and stride forward. They work hard to achieve it.For them Eating is just "Eat to live". They channelize all their energy towards their work. They become the pride of the nation.

    But for those who are aimless, who don't want to achieve anything, the life really means "live to eat".They become a burden on society and deem themselves as moral responsibility of the society to support them. They affect productivity of Nation and hinder the progress.

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    i strongly say that to exist we eat. so eat to live is the correct statement.
    we live mainly because of my mistakes done in many janmas. we have come here not only to eat but to request god to take us back with him and give us moksha(enlightment).
    ther are people who just lived for many years that is 200 and more years just through meditation. so may be that we doesnt live to eat actually. a child cries more for a mother than food. it needs food but the main thing is mother. likewise our mother is god. why dont we think him at all. that much temptation makes this small tongue in our life. happy eating.

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