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    Engineering Education in Tamil?-Good or Bad for Future

    I Prefer Engineering Education in Tamil Language should be Implemented.
    Engineering is the Purposeful use of Science.So,Science is Common for all Languages.Here,there is no Restriction.Then,why can't We introduce Engineering Education System in TAMIL?Especially,in most of the Developed Countries Educational Systems are based upon thier own languages.They do more Achievements than others.They are not Globally Affected Due to thier System.And if it is in Tamil,we can do more contributions to the science.Because,our Brain has a Separate cells for thier own mother Language.If Education is also in the same language means,there will be some more better easyness given to our Brain.It leads to more Knowledgeable Tamilnadu,More knowledgeable India.Suggestions are Most Welcome.

    s.karthik kumaran
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    Hi karthik,

    It was indeed a post to welcome. Engineering Education in Tamil, has definitely got its value. But, let me add a few points here

    * Engineering is one of the professional courses.
    * By Professional course, we mean, a student who has completed the degree or the moment he does, becomes a Professional.
    * A professional is supposed to do his business or job globally and not restricted to any parts of the world.
    * To maximize this concept of working anywhere in this world, a central medium of Language is requried and fortunately of unfortunately, that had to be English.

    When you go to any countries other than India, your medium of Language will be English. Now, if you think that happened because the Children of England study is English and not other language, am afraid you are wrong.

    Only because the British ruled many parts of the world, their language left its trails globally. And hence, the system of learning English begun. It is quite simple as that.

    But, why not in Tamil?
    Okay, very good question. But i would like to tell you something. Let us assume you have 'Archimedes Principle'. We don;t have to get into the principle now, but for sure, you and me know that Archimedes was not an English speaking man and his works were in Greek. So what happened to his works were, it was translated into English first. This set of translations are maintained as standards. Many would stil confuse whether archimedes wrote his works in English or Greek. It is because English had been set as a standard mode of Communication there. Not only Archimedes, Our Thirukkural was also translated into English which stood as a gobal mark.

    Literal Example:
    Consider China. China is a very advanced Country. Almost all parts of the world use its product. But you know, China's biggest disadvantage is Chinese are poor in English. That is why India had an IT boom. Else, China would have seized that also.

    I would like to take this issue in an other way Karthik. I would like to say, Indians and Tamilians are very verstaile in learning languages. Be it English or Tamil. Now, Staff of particular colleges should explain the concepts to students in Tamil and also in English. Explaining in Tamil alone will make him have zero confidence. Frankly he will not be able to survive in this world.

    Tamil In HSS is okay. This is because, we are always dependent. Any student after HSS will reach college. He has to be mended so as to learn and understand the English language, if he needs to be a successful man.

    Please don't blame Tamilians, Anna University, Education System etc. They cant do anything, since the world expects a professional to know english. In fact, they are doing something good.

    (Please understand that i ve been speaking only morals and did not try to offend any feelings of Tamil.)


    "I was a nut, before becoming a tree!"

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    Hi Varun,
    Great Response from your side. Educations in their own mother language sure help the students to reach the higher level. I too accept that in most of the countries, the medium of instruction is in English. But I referred the Japanese country in previous post. Most of the Universities are compulsorily made their medium of education as Japanese. They are the leader of technical industry. They too use the advantage of English sometimes only like...If you want to sell their product means, they use the advantage of English. But here, everything is in English Only. But, in home we use Tamil as a language to speak, write...Etc.If you are saying that, English only is used in home nowadays means, it indicates the MAJOR DISTRACTION OF OUR MOTHER LANGUAGE. The criteria have to change, by implementing Engineering in Tamil Will not distract the students. Our aim of learning is to use that for our mankind.
    Actually we people found the following principles first and we have those documentations too, then why we have to depend on English?
    We found,
    1. Mechanics of Materials-Free Vibration, Planetary Motion
    2. Black hole Theory-Tamil verse,"appaluku appalum adi mudi illathavane"
    3. Nine Planets-Nine Grahams (Home)
    4. Medicinal Facts-Siddha

    I state that, Language which we are using for more than thousands of years will surely have the resources in Every Department. If we use the same in our Education too, means it will be the best supporting one. And Inventions will seek higher rate soonly.And Comfort level of Learning reach Higher. Quality engineers will be created by our state. And we will be at the top.Because, we understood the concepts well in our comfort Language.

    S.karthik kumaran

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    Two points, Karthik. I don know if this wil be a stupid statement. so pl bear with me.

    As you compared our Tamil Nadu with Japan or China whatsoever, you speak in terms of a country. Japan follows Japanese as a whole! not that every state in Japan follow a different language.

    I think this is a new prespective which no one has looked into, actually. When a student of Japan studies in Japanese and goes for a paper Presentation to another state in Japan, he uses only Japanese.

    But here in Tamil Nadu, it is all limited. If you are gonna do a Presentation in Tamil in IIM-A or IIT-D, imagine the consequences. we have a long way to travel. Impleting everything in Tamil will not be the Ultimate a solution, since will make our students disabled. Again am not blaming Tamil. Its our democracy. KNow what? there is always a Cold war between the north and south people. This happens, even if many of you say no. May be in ours and the next generation we can expect a few changes.

    And, i agree wholeheartedly with you that learning in Tamil will definitely improve understanding. So, let the teachers take the necessary steps. Making it completely in Tamil will make the student an unfit one, (why go to some other country? Take our neighboring state.. Kerala, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh!)

    If Tamil has to dominate, it has to first dominate in the neighboring states.

    And you have made some references. Know, during those days, India had only one Language, Tamil. That is why Tamil was a dominating and one of the fourteen ancient languages. had Tamil been in a state just like Tamil Nadu, nothing would have happened.

    Please understand that i don oppose teaching in Tamil. But, making Engineering overall into Tamil is .....

    Anyways, inviting healthy discussion from others also. And, about this issue, we also have a lecturer in TSR. Please ma'm, give us ur comments.

    (Guys, a request. Please participate in debates as this. May be this debate will be the starting point for our generation to make Tamil globalize!)


    "I was a nut, before becoming a tree!"

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    Engineering Education in Tamil should be welcomed.

    Any new move in education must be supported.

    But how it will be recieved by the students of such courses is to be watched.

    K Mohan

    Theeinal Sutta Punn Arumay...Aaradhey Naavinaal Sutta Vadu...

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    Any thing learned through mother tongue will really had it own effect. It should be welcomed, and this should be happened in earlier stage anyway now its happened.

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    Hi Everyone,
    I feel great to take participate in this healthy discussion, because me also a tamilian, moreover I was an engineering student too, so please give your attention towards me, actually teaching engineering in Tamil cannot be a greater task in our education system, if the students have to learn engineering in Tamil means then we must have good teachers who knows Tamil to core, moreover in these days it's very difficult to find a teacher who speaks Tamil efficiently without interference of other languages then where can you find the teachers who have the capability of teaching engineering subjects in Tamil, it's really a stupid idea to teach engineering in Tamil,how will you write a program code without interference of English, and how can you teach other subjects involving units, metrics and measures ? Teaching all the engineering subjects in Tamil is absolutely a stupid and funny move made by government of Tamil Nadu ,and I am sure even lot of Tamilians wont prefer to learn any of the engineering subjects in Tamil, Are the Andhra students learning every Engineering subjects in Telugu or are the Kerala students learning every Engineering subjects in Malayalam? All the MNC's are giving preferences to students who have learnt there subjects in English only, Because English is a global language, now it is too late to implement these sort of ideas and all, What will the students who are learning Engineering subjects will do for their work while all the companies are giving preference only to students who have learned their subjects in English, Will the Tamil Nadu government provide special employment opportunities to student who have learnt their engineering subjects in Tamil? I don't hink so, Thank You,

    *** Epporul yaryarvai vai ketpinum, apporul meiporul kaanbadhu arivu***

    With Regards,


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    Hi Kameswaran,
    Please refer Richness of Tamil for units, metrics and measures. Andhra and Kerala students are not learning Engineering in Telugu and Malayalam. But Chinese, Russians and Japanese are learning Engineering in their mother tongue only. Hope you know the value of Russia, China and Japan countries in the world.

    Engineering is not only synonym for Computer Engineering. So many Engineering branches are available without programming languages.

    Already TamilNadu Government announced that it is going to give preferences in jobs those who have studied in Tamil medium.

    Suresh Kumar R.
    Engal Vazhvum Engal Valamum Mangaadha Tamizh Endru Sangae Muzhanku

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    I completely agree with varun. Engineering in tamil may make the student understand the concept but when the implementation concept comes into the play, the student will face a tough time. So the standard of education will be stagnant within the tamil nadu and not even all over india. so when he/she cannot implement the knowledge there is no point in studying then.

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