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    Power cut timings reduced in Tamilnadu

    Chief Minister J. Jayalalitha has announced today that the power cut timings will be reduced from 2 hours to 1 hour in Chennai and from 4 hours to 3 hours in other parts.

    When will this problem be solved?
    It is very very difficult to kill the time when power failure. Many of them will go to offices, many houses use inverters and generators but think about the people who cannot afford them. There is a total climate change when compared to the past.

    Our ancestors lived without current but in that time the environment was green. Infants suffer very much during power cut. When will this problem be eradicated.
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    We need some CM like Narendra Modi to solve this kind of issues. Jayalalitha seems to good when compared to Karunanidhi. Problem is JJ doesn't got skill to manage. Karnanidhi has good skills but he concentrates more on his family than public. As a CM I don't know why they can't understand the basic needs.

    Another one to blame is ourself. It is our responsibility to keep the city clean. We wish to build new home and the real estate owners take that as a advantage and build houses on farming land. I hate the people who buys more land. Government can limit this as a per family should have only n number of acres. Land should be valued less. Since the value of land is more they keep on buying land without thinking about poor families.

    There is no problem in being luxury. But there should always limit in some things like electricity, food, water and shelter.

    Power cut reduced from 2hrs to 1hrs is not a great thing. This is windy season so the scenario is like this. Once the windy season gets over then Tamilnadu will Darknadu.

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    Dear Mangala,

    Yes it is true. The power problem is a very big and challenging one in Tamilnadu today. The only reason for the that problem is having more and more industries and they are consuming more electricity. The Government never think about the way of producing the electricity power. The wind forms are the only source to meet the requirement of the today's electrical power. If the wind becomes low due to the weather situation, Then they can't generate even single mega watt of power supply. So, The government should not believe the wind forms to get power supply throughout the year. It is purely a seasonable supply system.

    So, The government has to think about the alternate solutions to produce more electrical power. The solar system is a good and innovative system for generating more power. So, The government should take necessary steps to implement the solar system in all over Tamilnadu. In Gujarat, The chief Minister, Mr. Narendra Modi has implemented the solar system in many places of the state and they are getting uninterrupted power supply which is more than their daily requirement.

    With Regards,


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