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    Have you ever been Picpocketed?

    Picpocket Crime Increased in Chennai

    Picpocket is increasing day by day in our society and it can also be said as one of the very oldest crimes. Nowadays many people are picpoketed and that too in buses. Many of the passengers who travel in the bus No. 5E running from Besant Nagar to Vadapalani have encountered such events. This bus is our area bus and many our neighbours, my father, my sister, and many more have lost money, gold, Bus pass, credit cards, pan cards, and much more.

    There are many more buses in this list picpocketers choose only the bus which will remain crowded all day. They act brilliantly and do this when we are careless. They are not worried how it will affect others.

    How can we eradicate such a crime from our society.

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    Everyone cheating in their life in the name of Business, Doctors, Contractors, politician etc. This indirectly affects the poor. They have no way for their food, then they began to pickpocket. The pickpocketers are those who have no love / affection in their life. I mean they don't have parent support. They are from wrong background. They are illiterate (not educated) people.

    If there is food to everyone in Tamilnadu there wont be such crimes.

    Humans forget why we are here. Humans forget to show their love. Human race were redirected towards wrong track "money" instead of love. During ancient days spritual gurus teaches about life and good deeds. But now spritual gurus were also towards money and wrong deeds.

    No one wants to be pickpocketers, they were pushed towards pickpocket. It is our duty to be safe. It is better to carry valuable things in secure manner. I request to use auto while carrying costly materials with you. Buses were always dangerous if you are having costly material with you.

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    I had a pickpocket experience on 1999, when I was working in a privae concern in Chennai Ambattur estate. That was my first job in Chennai after my Diploma in Mechanical Engineering. The salary was very less, only 3 digits. That day was my salary day, after having snacks in Ambattur Estate bus stand, I took the bus to Ashok nagar, I had kept an amount of Rs.240/- in my shirt pocket. In the Vadapalani signal bus stopped for signal, two persons standing near me were trying to push me as if they are going to get down, i cannot take off my hand from the top railings, for my sense I felt some body taking away things from my shirt pocket, before realizing it as pickpocket my posket was empty and the two persons pushing me were flying away jumping out from bus, I lost my money, Bus pass and I really felt sad for 2 days, as you know it was a BIG money for a person who was earning salary in 3 digits. I was very angry since then and had pointed out many times in Bus to many people when I see some unusual activity happens near some passengers, even caught 2 persons when I was travelling in a local Bus in Tuticorin. When scolding them, they didnot even had the guilty feeling of having done a wrong thing.
    These people cannot be left unpunished. Even though there are chances for doing many works they love doing pickpocketing.

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