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    Is caste and religion still necessary?

    For public caste and religion is needed only for identification of human. But still caste and religion is needed for identification. Why still this disease is practiced even now. Why can't the government help the people according to their income instead of caste. Do you think all SC/ST caste were poor or all BC/OC caster were rich?. I suggest government should offer by means of family income certificate not by caste system. If this caste and religion were controlled then there will be some change in India. Next thing is language. India should compel any one language to be made official plus their mother tongue.
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    I agree with you friend. The categorisation should be done incomewise. Not all the SC/ST are still poor, not all the BC/OC are still rich. Poor gets the opportunity with quota and becames rich, rich not gets that opportunity and becomes poor. Everything as of now is depending on income and financial status only, so my view is to announce the category with respect to the financial status of the individuals. All the quota shall be according to the financial status only. It is Irony that a person who is already rich gets the seat in a college with quota, not with his marks, and gets concession in paying fees also. This is done only in India I think.

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    This is really a good topic for discussion. Though we all say that caste should completely vanished from society many people still strongly adhere to it. When we take in the case of politics each party stricts to one caste first of all this should be eradicated. If a person wants to get an admission in a reputed college or a job he gets a recommendation from the minister who belongs to his caste.

    Still people who belong to forward class think they are superior and their caste people are more intelligent than the other class people.


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