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    Do newspapers survive in the future...
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    Good post.

    The future of news papers is bleak.

    All the news papers have gone online and updating the news every hour, who will care the paper which carries the same news next day.

    Yes Internet taken away the beauty of news paper reading.

    K Mohan

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    I would like to contradict with you Mohan sir. It is a fact that Internet has created a boom in our people's daily routine. But this will not mean to change their life in all the means. For example, the newspapers. There is nothing like reading a newspaper in the morning with a cup of coffee. Not only me, many people feel it so.

    Definitely, it is quite simple to go through the papers via internet. But that cannot be applied for extensive reading. If you are to skim the news, then an e paper will help you. But if you are to read contents in depth, it would be nice to prefer the newspaper than the epaper.

    As such, it is better to read a book than reading an ebook. PLeasure of reading a printed material can never match reading something from the monior, i hope.

    Anyways, inviting more comments and a healthy discussion on this interesting topic.


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    I do agree with you varun. For example i can tell you something. The email feature was introduced long back and people used to believe that there will not be any necessity for posts and all. But the Post is not eradicated totally but instead it was changed and modified to courier. But still people are there who use post to send and receive messages. It is definitely sure that the normal news paper reading will be taken down in future. But this will happen if someone implements the electronic book type gadget which looks similar like a book with LCD display on both the sides. I do strongly believe that in future this gadget will be used and if one subscribes to the daily news paper and pays for that then this will have have a facility to receive the news paper daily in the morning and we can read it with coffee in hand. We can even store .pdf ebooks in that and use it for book reading when we are travelling or when we are reading at night. This is not the distant future. If i get any opportunity to implement this feature then i will definitely implement this in our Tamilnadu.

    But this gadget is already found out and is implemented but the structure of the gadget is not satisfactory so that this is not in the market and not in the good use. If planned properly this can be implemented in the future. I always use to dream of taking this as a project and implement it in the Tamilnadu. If this is implemented then there is no necessity that the students will have to carry heavy books to the schools and colleges.

    I'm also expecting healthy discussions on this particular topic.

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    Nothing will affect the survival of the news paper, because many things gets changed like transistor to LED TVs, a long walk for communication to mobile phones. Reading the news paper is a wonderful experience only thing is every one as to sense it first while.

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