Maoists not doing good to tribes

The media press is boosting the image of maoists so as to help the govt to attack them as their wish.sometimes they say maoists are safeguarding tribes and protect them.It is not true.Forests and hills are with tribes who live there for years and generations .they develop their own culture and a life system.When the foreign and monopolies found there is mine under their residents companies get permission to a small area to mine the ores.But they really enlarge the area .To protect this they spend money to NGOs which are interlinked with MNCs and maoists.They protect the companies so as not the govt could not visit check and disturb them.This is the secret how they get money and arms to fight with the govt. The poor and innocent tribes don't know what is happening.Maoists kills poor policemen and tribes which is against their ideology(if thee is anything)