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    Roof Gardening - Oxygen factory?

    In cities like Chennai, and in many areas around Tamilnadu, we don't have enough space for planting trees in our Home. People living in apartments and those who live in individual houses without any space around to plant any trees or vegetables can opt for Roof Gardening.
    In apartments, plants can be grown in individual Balconys. Many small vegetable plants, flowers, and Bonsai Trees can be grown in Balconys. Even with the cooperation of the Association of Apartments they can grow on Roof Top.
    People who live in individual house, but don't have space aorund the house can grow on their roof tops.
    Roof top gardening helps us in many ways. We can get vegetables, flowers for our use. We can get fresh oxygen with these plants. If planted in large area in Roof, with walk pavements arranged, this will create an healthy atmosphere for those who are unable to go out of their apartments for walking. Especially for Old age people they can use this Roof top garden area with walk pavements, for their walking exercise, in a oxygen filled location, and also pollution free in that height.
    We can grow Bonsai trees in Roof or in Balconys which may require little skill and knowledge. Many Gardening people will help in this regard.
    Now a days due to pollution we are lack of oxygen content. This type of Roof Garden will help us to get some good oxygen. Am I right?
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    Yes really planting trees are more beneficial. In this industrial world planting trees are more important. Plants some times will be a good friend of ours. Some have habit of talking with plants. Growing plants makes our mind peace. If new flower is grown in our plant it makes us pleasure. Growing plants is like growing pets in your home. You can also decorate your home by growing plants. As said by Aravindhan you can grow Bonsai Trees. Bonsai tree looks beautiful when compared to other plants. It grows like but but very tiny. Vegetable plants grow faster and can be useful to cook. You can save money by growing vegetable plants. Rose plants were preffered by all it can used for decoration, for devoting to god and used by girls. All these plants gives us oxygen. Oxygen were more important to our life. Living in the healthy surrounding makes our body healthy and pretend us from several disease too.

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    Very well said by you, Mr.Aravindhan. I can imagine the amount of advantages we get from roof gardening especially in cities like Chennai where we usually don't get enough space for gardening. This idea should be encouraged among the residents in cities by letting then know the benefits.
    Practice makes perfect..

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    Hi Friend, it is really a good idea. Everyone should try to do this roof gardening so that we can protect our environment.

    This can be made a rule. When government gives approval for building an Apartment they can say that only if you plant trees we will give approval.

    I live in Bangalore and here I can see many flats having a play area with full of trees and also each individuals are having a small garden.


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