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    Teachers who allowed students to copy got caught in Tiruvannamalai district

    In Tiruvannamalai district of Tamil Nadu, at the 10th public examination, teachers from a private school who allowed students to copy were caught red handed. First of all copying itself is not allowed in public exam. Those who copy, they will be detained for 3years from writing the exam. This is a bad thing that teachers distributed the answer to the students by putting xerox copies. Will our education standards be maintained atleast in the forthcoming days? How to control these kind activities occuring in schools? Only one case has been caught till now. This might be happening in many schools. This should be considered first otherwise it is a big blow for our state and our country. Members, share your views on this.
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    This is a big mistake done by the School. This reduces the reputition of the school. This will poison the students mind that there is no need to study. The students who actually hard work to prepare for the exams will also get spoiled since they can get the answers from school itself.
    Very very bad motivation by the school. All the teachers who are involved in this should not be suspended, instead they should be dismissed. Then only it will become a lesson to all the teachers who help malpractice.
    It is the mistake done by the school to show their percentage of pass out by this illegal act. Definitely they should be punished. Students should be advised not to rely on this type of teachers who will spoil their future.

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    Hi Friend,

    This is a good topic for dicussion. The action taken against the teachers is right. The teacher who should be a good example should not involve in such a bad act. This will really be a good lesson for the others. They are not helping the students but they are spoiling them and when this kind of students get into a job with the marks he earned by copying the society is going to be spoiled.


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    Nothing to comment about it. In India education is business. Who cares if the student copy in exam or not. Education refers to that a person learns something to implement something. But in India only learning process is done, but there is no implementation. There is huge fault in education system. This lead to this silly mal practices. We are still learning the old equations. But have you used your equations any time in your real life. Practicals were also not good. There are conducting silly experiments. I hate experiments like simple pendulum. There is no use of conducting the experiment which does not lead to development in a country.

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