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    About chennai

    chennai was called as madras pattinam during the british is the fourth largest city in india.
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    Yes Sharmila Chennai was also called Madras Pattinam.

    I would appreciate those members who live in Chennai throw some lights on the beauty of this city.

    What makes this city great.

    K Mohan

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    yes.It is called as Singara chennai.I'm proud to live in chennai.
    The other important one is the Marina beach which is the largest beach.
    We find ourselves pleasure going there.

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    Chennai has given a great growth in the development aspect for past few years. All the advancements are available in the Chennai city and the Chennai city also has many job opportunity available for all the one who come for the job. All the one who come from the village come to Chennai in search of the job and ultimately they gain good jobs in Chennai. But the government of the Tamilnadu is not up to the level of the satisfaction and the mayor of the Chennai is also not up to the good ranking mayor because he has not shown any advancement in developing our Chennai. Many excellent features can be implemented in Chennai but the government does not take any initiative to change the city of Chennai to the most sophisticated city.

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    Hi bala,

    I agree with you in whatever you say, except the Mayor. You know, he is really working hard to make Chennai city one of the best places to live in. For eg, he has compulsorily introduced the degradable and non degradable waste separation scheme and has uniquely identified that this process need to start right from the source, that is the people of Chennai, who use these items. He has held several health based awarness campaigns to illustrate the Chennaites about the degradable and non degradable wastes and the procedure to identify and separate them. Also under his supervision, the sanitory status of Chennai, Tamil Nadu has definitely improved, though not to great extents, atleast to some extent.

    Now coming back to the main question, Yes, Chennai was called as Madarsapattinam from the Britisher's time of reign. Chennai gave them wide opportunity for trade and other prosperities and only hence, Chennai developed very fast to beocme one of the biggest Metropolitan cities in India. Due to the excellent resource that are available in Tamil Nadu and Chennai being the Capital of Tamil nadu and open for trade and communication easily has developed a lot. In fact, Chennai is now becoming a forerunner for all other state capitals in all aspects.

    There is a contract to be signed with a France based company to clean the coovam river and make it flow along the city as beautiful as possible. This idea was initiated by Mr. Stalin. Almost the contract is about to be signed fully and the amount that is going to be spent is around 600 crores. If something like that happens, Chennai will become really a beautiful place. This will attract more and more companies and investors along with tourists.

    But, Our people should be responsible and stop polluting the Coovam river after the cleaning procedure takes place. This is again in the hands of our people.. Really you know, Tamil Nadu has got everything, except for Good and responsible people!


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