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    Crimes, Suicides increased in Tamilnadu - Counselling required?

    Dear Friends,
    You can see the crime level and the persons committing suicides are increasing day by day. Even for 100 or 500 rs. a person is been stabbed, even students involve in violence. On the other hand, persons committing suicide is increasing. Especially more number of students are committing suicide.
    Friends, please share your ideas how to reduce crime level and suicide level in Tamilnadu?, and please advise about the counselling needed.
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    Yes, the crime rates were increased when compared with the past. We can see a lot of news in papers which involves criminal cases like murder, robbery, etc., I think this can be reduced only if we have strict punishments for these cases. The police department should be more alert in catching these cases on time. Then atleast we can reduce these crime rates to a certain level.
    Practice makes perfect..

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    Why so many students are committing suicide?, lack of confidence?, fear of exams?, or, fear of parents?

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    I always blame Indian educational system. They just change simple things to complex. Creating only hard disk (students) every year. Specialty of human being is creation not memorizing. This should be first taught to Indian educational system. Still there is not even a single creation in India as it has so many educational institutes. Marks plays a vital role in India. Here is the answer for suicide. Only because of marks students commit suicide. They lose their confident if they secure less marks. Students going behind the marks and who dint reach their expectation commits suicide. Everywhere we go the first question asked by elder people is what is your mark. If you secured only less marks they look at you something who has done a big crime. All these create negative impact on student and creates depression finally suicide.

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    Yes Venkatakumar, it is because of thefear of getting high marks students commit suicides.I think there is some problem with parents too. Atleast parents should be supportive to students.

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    Hello Aravindhan,

    This is really a good thread for discussion. I agree with Venkatakumar views. Many students think that only the marks are going to decide their future. They should take things lightly. When I was a student I used to cry when I miss my first rank but now I think I have been very silly. Life is not decided by the marks.

    Students should know the fact that they come to school to get knowledge and marks will never decide your depth of knowledge.


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