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    Politicians or rulers should have minimal administrative educational qualifications?

    India lacks standard infrastructure or sanitation when compared to other countries, I should say developing countries. The town planners or administrators have no idea of proper town planning/administration. This is the result of improper knowledge or education. When small cities like singapore or dubai can visualize a well planned infrastructure, why cannot the same be done here, so the IITians, IIMians, IASians are good for nothing. The hard earned money of tax payers find their way into the pockets of politicians and the poor citizens have to bear with improper roads(which is the minimal facility offered by every country), sanitation, infrastructure, etc. How can we ever talk about India becoming a super power? Don't you think we need educated administrators in our country?
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    Definitely friend, we are in need of educated administrators for our country.
    There must be exams like IAS, IPS or any service commission exams. Only those who passed should be allowed to even apply for Minister posts, the same can be followed for M.L.A cadidates also.
    First of all our administrators in high authority should have minimum knowledge about the department for which he/she is serving. Then only they can think about the well planned projects or Infrastructures.
    Say for example, if a new city/town is developing these authorities should plan accordingly that there should be proper road/transport facility, waste disposal facility, proper sanitation, proper power supply, water catchment area, land allotted for gardens, trees along road sides and so on. If a city/town plan has all these then only the same should be approved. Every year new cities are developing and if all these cities are planned accordingly, without saying existing city/town will also change or develop.
    If these authorities are not able to plan such things then they can call for open forums or plan contests from Public. You know many young people out there are having more and more innovative ideas.
    That knowledge can be used.

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    Well said by you Ms.Radha. We should have educated administrators to control the activities. If we analyze the root cause for the problems in our country, then this will be the first reason. In our country, educated people are not given opportunities. Only those experienced who stay in the party for a long time gain the admin position. Some re-positioning should be there in our country so that the administration will be good.
    Practice makes perfect..

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    Please allow me not to agree with you .If you are correct ,all educated ministers should do their job correctly and honestly.Are they ?We see doctors ,engineers fell down the knees before power to get berths in cabinets,Boards and assemblies and other posts.Leave politicians .what about officers?They are well educated.They get IAS IRS IFS BE BTECH PHD etc.They are the real rulers of Independent India for 65 years.Could they give drinking water to all? On the other hand take Kamaraj and MGR .They are not well educated.By their humanity and political will they could do something than other educated.Moreover a democracy means ,it should have representatives for educated and illiterates .It is their right though they are illiterates to have their reps in ruling already said ,though the govts have illiterates the STATES have educated only.They are the real rulers.The real need is awareness of the people. Educated are not taking part in the struggles against the govts misdoings while labours ,farmers ,weavers etc are questioning the govt through their struggles and get remedy for people.So..

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    Standard, Quality, Security, Safety etc etc comes with a cost. Whether Indian Govt have had enough money in the past? Low cost was the primary motto of the Govt.

    Our growth rate has started only after mid 90's and we started employing youngsters in the Job as soon as they finish their Colleges, now we are focusing on these areas for improvements, it will take some time.

    In 2000, have we ever dreamed about traveling at 150+ KM per hour speed to travel from Chennai to Madurai, we never had a car which can travel at that speed and supported infrastructures. It is a matter of time, money and growth. We need to employ fresh bloods in the system to play the forward game and oldies should be moved back to play the defense...

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