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    Felt Earthquake - Chennai?

    Have you felt the earthquake in Chennai, happened just now?
    This is the first time I am feeling this.
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    I am in Madurai and some said earthquake felt in Kalavasal area. Many districts of Tamilnadu were affected by earthquake. And there is Tsunami caution in all areas.

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    Hi Friend,
    Whether there is any safety alarm fixed in buildings which can give siren when earthquake hits? Even in our office many people were not realized the shake and when our security person switched the fire alarm everyone ran down. I think there must be some alarm to sense such shakes or vibrations in buildings, or, somebody will invent such device. That can be used in all areas if vibration sensed more than 4 in Richter Scale.

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    Well, I agree with you Mr.Aravindhan. There should be sensors fixed in the buildings of companies which should sense vibrations and ring alarm.

    I have heard it from my friends who are working in Chennai. They said that people in upper floors experienced more shake than those in ground floor. Also I heard that vibrations persisted till the evening. People were very much frightened because of tsunami warning. Many people around coastal areas of Tamil Nadu have spent their nights without sleeping. Right now I am working in Pune, did not experience anything here.

    Practice makes perfect..

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    I did not feel the tremor, but people who were asleep and people in the top floors in my flat did feel the tremor. Everyone was tensed as it brought back memories of the previous tsunami that hit Chennai. There were a few enthusiasts who rushed to the marina beach to have a glimpse of the tsunami, but were disappointed.

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