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    Chief Minister not allows Opposing parties to criticize

    Dear All,
    Why Chief Minister is not allowing any other opposing parties to criticize her Rule? She is allowing her own party people to make comments on DMDK party and Vijayakant. This is not the correct approach. There are many many issues to be discussed and solved for our state welfare. They should think of that and avoid unnecessary comments and criticism. For every day meeting they spent so much of money which is our - peoples money and this should not go in vain. Am I right?
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    The democracy that JJ follows is different from others.She will allow others to speak if they praise her.Otherwise it is the rule that speaker has power up to the sky.Her attitude is called aristocracy .She never minds the other political parties and their MLAs also representatives of people . She misunderstood that it is her wholesale agency for five years if she is elected for govt .She wants to compete Mamtha of West Bengal in throwing rules laws regulations or traditions ..It is our duty to explain these type of democracy should not be brought back in next elections .But where is the alternative?Kalaingar and his family do the same thing in a polished manner since he is Kalaignar..

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    You are absolutely right sir.
    We don't have any alternative. DMk (or) ADMK, one among these two have been ruling us. There is no chance for a third party. What will happen if our State opt for a Governor Rule?

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    Hi Friends,

    According to TN government, the cinema's people only ruling us.
    (M.G.R to Captain). Its shows our people mentality towards the politics. They are not ready to handover our state in talented person. Cinema only ruling our state.
    If you want to be a C.M, you should act at least 30 films. This is the qualification to become a leader in TN.
    People won't see who have the best to rule our state. They just see who is more popular in the state. Its really pathetic act of our tamilnade people. 1st we have teach them to separate the person based on the ability wise not a popularity wise.
    In the current situation, the educated people won't go for register their vote. This is the main problem.

    So the DMK or ADMK has been ruling this state continue-sly until most popular actor come to the politics.


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