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    Green Tamilnadu a dream?

    Dear Friends,
    People from South Tamilnadu might remember the days we used to travel by bus in the road covered with shades of Gigantic Tamarind trees from both sides of the road. I am from a small village near Tuticorin, now settled in Chennai. For every summer we used to go to my native. In those days we used to play and for taking rest we move to the lap of Tamarind trees. It will be like a heaven sleeping in the shade of such trees.
    When the road expansion process started all the trees vanished like anything. Government was not concerned to plant some trees in substitute for those trees cut down. Moreover, many trees in south tmilnadu has been cut down for the expansion of city, New Industries etc..
    Whether Green Tamilnadu is a dream???????
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    Making green Tamil Nadu is not only in government's hand. Its also in our people hand. Its true that government is not planting substitute trees for the trees which are cut down along roadside. The private company people who are demolishing the greener areas for their construction should atleast plant trees in some other places. If people of TN are united, then definitely we can make a greener Tamil Nadu.
    Practice makes perfect..

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    You are right Rizwan. Unless people realize the necessity of Trees it will be hard to build a Green tamilnadu.
    I happened to work in Pune for 2 years. In the area where I stayed there were minimum 3 to 4 trees in each and every house, even in apartment they have created a garden. For every 100 to 150 houses they maintain a common Park with Walking/Jogging platform, kids playing area and resting benches. It was really nice. Hope such thing should be followed in Tamilnadu also.

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    Hi Friend,

    This is really a good topic for discussion. Now Tamilnadu has changed a lot. It has developed a lot with a number of IT companies, industries, factories, etc. but it has lost the beauty and nature. Lots of farm areas, green valley, trees have been destroyed for building all these. Due to the industries and factories the environment has become polluted and no solutions have been still sought for solving this pollution.

    The areas near Chennai city like Sriperumpadur, Oragadam, etc. are developing a lot and we can see the real estate business vastly developing here. Many new flats are constructed between the farms and there is no go for the farmers rather than to sell their lands also to the builders. If one place is sold and if any factory comes in that place then the whole area will become unsuitable for the growth of any plants.


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    Yes friend, the growth of Industries and Factories are destroying Farm lands, making it not suitable for any kind of plants or crops. If this continues then one day there will not be any land available for irrigation and we have to export grains, crops and vegetables from other states or countries.
    My suggestion is whenever a city is expanding Government has to plan for allotment of land for water catchment and farming. No body should occupy such land for any kind of buildings or Industries.
    Lot of points are there to discuss.
    Hope you know Ralegaon Sidhi, a small village in Maharastra, developed into a self sustained village in all aspects with the help of a One man Army - Anna Hazare. It didnot happened in a single day. WIth the support of villagers only Anna has done a Miracle. Why not the same can be followed in every villages here in Tamilnadu? If done so, why our poor farmers sell their land and go out to cities for other employment?
    I would like you to refer the tamil magazine Ananda Vikatan where Vairamuthu sir is writing a story about this, his try to stop destroying villages.

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    Apart from the industrial revolution real estate plays a major role in destroying plants and trees. I visit Kodaikanal every year. Each year I see new buildings will be constructed by destroying trees. If this goes on like this Kodaikanal will soon turn into desert.

    I think we should not blame government. We should take some steps to start green revolution. We can grow some trees in our homes. Growing trees near our home has many benefits such as purified oxygen, cool temperature and some trees like neem can be used as pesticides.

    There may be problem in growing tress because of lack of space. So instead you can grow small plants. Plants like tomato grows easily.

    Each and everything cant be done by government. These are simple things that we should do. Will government waters for your tree in your home? Only if everyone does there will be change in environment.

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    Correct Venkata Kumar. We will take the first step for the journey towards Green Tamilnadu. We will spread the awareness of the necessity of Trees and Plants. If people march towards Green, sure the Government will follow, untill no need to expect the Government to take all the steps.
    Thank you venkata kumar for your points.

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