Steps to make Tirunelveli Halwa

Tirunelveli Halwa is a very popular sweet dish in state Tamilnadu. Here is the information about the ingredients used in Tirunelveli Halwa which will help you to make this sweet dish:
1. Wheat Rava
2. Sugar
3. Ghee
4. Hot Water
5. Cups Cashew
6. Red Color Powder
7. Cardamon Powder
8. Milk
How to make Tirunelveli Halwa
1. Firstly soak the whole amount of Wheat after washing. After few hours it will look Clumsy along with elastic type thread.
2. Add some water to grind it. Strain the milk and again add some water. Repeat the process thrice.
3. When the husk looks dry, remove all the glutonous feel. Remove the strainer fastly, soak the blades. The wheat will be look like somewhat dry with forming an hard surface.
4. let the liquid stand for few hours and after some time, the thick precipitates will start deposting on the lower half.
5. After some hours, scoop the scum out and remove excess amount of water and leave the thick milk as it is.
6. Put the nuts, saffron ready and handy as per yur wish.
7. In a pan, put sugar along with some amount of water and then boil it which will form thick threads on pressing and pulled apart between the thumb and forefinger.