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    When one should apply for Google Adsense Account

    Hello friends, main motive of this thread is to discuss the time and conditions that one new member should have while applying to Google Adsense Account. We all know that to apply to Google Adsense through TSR, one should have fulfilled atleast 5 out of 6 required conditions but as google is continuously altering its policies so many of new member got disapproval from adsense team. So please share your views about the time and minimum conditions that one should have so that he/she can have maximum chances of getting approval from google adsense team. Thanks in advance.
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    Google's idea is marketing their ads through our post. So only requirement that you should have is more number of visitors to your resource with your own effort. Google needs only hot resource which got large number of visitors. If the visitors is high google can earn from the marketers. So I suggest the users of TSR to write hot topics and gain more visitors. If you are confident that you gained more visitors, then you can carry on by applying your Google adsense account.

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    As suggested by our member Mr.Venkata Kumar, write quality content articles related to current hot topics. This will increase the number of visitors to your article which Google want's the most from its member. Try satisfying atleast 5 conditions of google before applying to adsense.
    Practice makes perfect..

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    Hello friends, traffic to articles matters but it should be genuine means there should be no keywords spamming and other SEO black hats as it is prohibited by google. Google however updated its search algorithm recently but still is is not adviced to take help of any kind of SEO black hats. According to me new members should have follow all the guidelines of google properly (mainly copyrighted material). They must have enough articles at time of application and they must have taken participation in various sections of TSR. Rest luck always matters.

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