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    Quest on Tamils & Tamil

    I am pursuing two things in preparation for my trip to Tamil Nadu:-

    1) From what part(s) of Tamil Nadu, when and by what route did the Tamils (my ancestors) migrate to Sri Lanka?
    2) Are there places in Tamil Nadu (or elsewhere) where the spoken Tamil language is similar to that in Sri Lanka?

    Any comment or book on the above? I am 67, a retired engineer. I can speak Tamil but not as eloquently as Indian Tamils.

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    Singpore & Canada
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    There may be chances of people in Rameshwaram to speak in Elangai tamil (Sri Lanka Tamil). Migration of Sri Lankan tamils occurs mostly at Rameshwaram. Because Rameshwaram is closest place to Sri Lanka. I don't know exactly about it, its just my guess. If you reach Tamilnadu automatically you can learn the Indian Tamil slang.

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    I think you might have read about the land drifts. It was said that India was a part of Africa. Due to the drifting of land, India clashed Asian Continent, which resulted in the formation of the Great Himalayas. The Southern part of India and Srilanka was once a combined land but due to land drift and sea water level rising, Srilanka got separated as an island. It is also believed that many parts of Tamilnadu went under the sea with lots of literary resources. It is also believed that the Modern Madurai is the third city having the name, which is the capital of Tamil King Pandiyas. They shifted their capital as their two ancient cities drowned under the seas, however, the name of the new capital city remained as Madurai.

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    மிக்க நன்றி வெங்கட குமார் & லோகுலசெல்வன். Yes, Ramanathapuram is the closest district to Sri Lanka. However, I have heard Indian Tamils from the southern tip of Tamil Nadu which is closer to Kerala, say that the Tamil spoken in Jaffna (யாழ்ப்பாணம்) has traces of Malayalam in it. They mentioned that Tamil spoken in Thirunelveli & Kanyakumari sounded like Jaffna Tamil.

    I would be excited to listen to the spoken Tamil from the three districts on Youtube or other sites if anyone knows.

    Best wishes,
    Shanta Somasundaram
    Singapore & Canada
    ps: Attached is map of districts of Tamil Nadu

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