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    Do you agree that Tamil Nadu is the No.1 state in India?

    In Tamil Nadu, we have all kinds of industries, manufacturing units, many colleges and many government organizations. Do you think Tamil Nadu has reached No.1 position when compared to all other states in India? Well, I don't think so. Because there are many problems in Tamil Nadu. Once of those is the power demand. Many states are not facing this much demand. Right now I am situated in Pune. I have experienced power cuts very rarely. Even I was in Mysore 2 months before. I have never experienced this kind of demand. Like this there are many things in which Tamil Nadu is lagging behind other states. So, Tamil Nadu is still a developing country. Members, what are your views on this?
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    A state is considered as number 1 only if there is sufficient food for every citizen in that state. But we think that IT companies, big shopping malls were the development. What is the use of IT companies and big shopping malls if there is no food to a citizen. I am in Madurai and myself I have watched several peoples who have no food to eat for one session. Some don't even have home to live, then what is the use of electricity. A good government should take step to satisfy the basic needs of human - food, shelter and cloth. If this three basic things are available to every citizens then gradually the state will reach number 1 condition.
    I dont know the ideology of Indian politicians. What will they do with the money that is more than sufficient to their life. How there will be peace in their mind? Dont they think about the people who doesn't have home to live and food to eat?
    I think soon politicians will sell India to Americans for money. So there is no need to waste our time by thinking which is the number 1 state in India.

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    In addition to Venkata kumar's points, I would like to add that a state cannot be number one untill it controls the Inflation and only when it is self sustained by Power, Food, Employment and ready for exports.

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