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    Hai to all Experts of SEO

    The word Tamilnadu a single word,
    or Tamil Nadu(two words)

    Which is the best (key word) and which is used more in Google search.
    While writing article about Tamilnadu which(Tamilnadu or Tamil Nadu) should be used to crawl by Google search engine.

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    I think Tamil Nadu is two seperate words and its best we use like that.

    Tamil denotes the language and Nadu denotes the place. So it must be sperate words.

    K Mohan

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    This is actually a nice question asked by you. When you go for the Google search the word Tamil Nadu will produce more than 15,000,000 results. The major priority is given to the word when it is separated. But when you consider the word Tamilnadu there will be nearly 5,000,000 results produced so that the priority goes to the word Tamil Nadu than the word Tamilnadu.

    This can be taken in two particular sense. If people go for the search of Tamilnadu search then there will only be limited results so that if we create resource through our website with the keyword Tamilnadu then there are more possibility that our results will hit the top list of the Google search. And this will increase the traffic to the resource that we post.

    The next sense that we can consider is that, the word Tamil Nadu gets the maximum hit because it has more contents available in the Google search. So if we post resource with the keyword Tamil Nadu, because of the priority that is given to the given to the keyword we will be getting maximum visitors to our resource.

    But one thing is definitely clear that the word Tamil Nadu gets more priority and maximum hits in the Google search than the word Tamilnadu.

    Thanks & Regards
    S. Balasubramanian
    Site Coordinator Tamilspider
    Webmaster Chennaispider

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    If i would have been the editor, i would have given u Rs. 2 for this logical and cool answer.


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