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    Can we allow Copy / Bit in the +2 Public Exam ?

    Hi friends,

    The +2 students from government schools are very poor in subject knowledge. I am going for the supervision of +2 exams and could find that the students from government schools are dead poor in the subject knowledge. I will be very strict on following the rules. In spite of my repeated warning few candidates do the mal-practice in the exam. When I asked to the co-supervisors regarding this, they tell me that these are very common in Government schools. I caught 3 students yesterday with bit paper. Once the red sign is given on the paper the student's life will be wasted. And the students too are begging parden from us. What to do in this case ? remember they are from very poor and downtrodden family.

    What should i do in this case ? Really I am confused at this ? Many politicians and rich people plunder the wealth of nation. but this poor ones are trying to find their way. What is your opinion on this ?
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    I hope you wil be busy with your supervision activities. Its good to see that you are strict during supervision. As you said, its a common activity prevailing in the government schools. Its difficult for you as a single person to control such kind of malpractice. What you can do is, if you find anyone is copying, once you caught them, advice them as much as possible. Make them realise what happens if they where handed over to the school authorities for copying. Tell them how their life will be affected because of that activity. Warn then. I think this much only can be done.

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    According to me copying in examination is not a wrong thing. However the copying boy is not going to get the state first. We have to blame the educational system which made a student to do mal practice. No one is wrong in the world, but situation makes them to do wrong things. Just think about the psychology of the student who is copying in the examination.The students were under the pressure of parents, teacher and school management. If he fails in examination he/she may be under the risk of suicide. Then what does a children do if he can't learn?. According to India education is the only skill which has respect.

    If I am a supervisor I will allow the students to copy and safeguard them from flying squads. If something is good for some people then nothing is bad - "Naalu peruku nallathuna ethum thapilllai".

    Copying / doing mal practice is an art. Students can copy only if they have self confidence. In my school days I am impressed by a boy, do's mal practices in all exam but never caught.

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    Hi Friend,

    According to my point of view we should never allow this malpractice for any reason. I have seen many students using their brain with full extent for preparing the bits. I have seen students who scan the whole page of the text books to a very small bit paper and they keep this inside the question paper and write as if they are seeing the question paper.

    I strongly oppose this act students should work hard and either rich or poor they should put their efforts in understanding the subject even if they copy and get a pass in the exam they will never be able to get a good job because they will not have any knowledge in the subject.

    I have seen many students who all work very hard for their exams. One whole year is there for studying and they study day and night to get through in the exams. Without any such effort if I see anyone copying in the exam and if we think we should help them we are doing something wrong to the society and also to the good hardworking students. They learn the whole book and even for scoring 5 marks they have to work hard. Each mark shows their sincerity and without all these how can we allow a irresponsible student to copy and get marks in the exam.

    We teachers and lecturers should be a good example for the society and we should never allow this act at any cost.

    I think you all will agree to my views.


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    I agree to your words. After being caught the students are begging pardon from the supervisor. They cry very much. We have to also think of their future. if they are handed over to the squad their life is totally spoiled.

    Can we hand over the copied student to the squad ?

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    Dear Friend,
    I can feel that the students are crying in afraid of their future. Here we cannot simply hand over them to squad. we can allow them to continue writing after seizing the bits and cut down the answers they have written with the help of bit. If we present them before squad their life will be spoiled.
    But, on the other hand, do you think the students are not aware of squads and the punishment? If they are ready even after knowing this is it not crime? There should be punishment when something is done knowing the consequences.
    Instead of blaming students we have to think about the Teachers who have done their best to teach the subject. Eventhough the students are not upto the mark the Teachers should give special attention to such students by providing them special classes. And the students should be advised that copying or using bits are like crime. Awareness should be created and confidence should be given to students that they should be ready to face the exams with free mind. Nothing is going to stop them from achieving a lot even they have missed to win at first. If student understands this he will never try to malpractice.

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    Nowadays many of the students lack their interest in studies. They do not understand how hard their parents work to pay their fees. I agree with Aravindhan that teachers should pay attention to the weak students. The students must cooperate with the teachers if any of the student meet the teacher personally and ask their doubts or if they tell how difficult they feel the subject is 90% of the teachers will help them.

    I agree with Jerold that we cannot hand them to the flying squads, i.e., we feel we are spoiling their life but the student should realise that.


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    Yes Madam, really all the teachers are ready to help. Student has to approach them if any problem with inability to followup the subject. Also it is the responsibility of the parents to advise their children not to involve in malpractice. Also they should not terrify their children for not getting good grades, instead they can help their kids in their weak portion. Truth is, not all the students are equal in all aspects. Each individual has unique skills, it is the one to be developed. If a student is not doing good in subjects, he may be interested in sports or any Arts. That should be identified and developed by Teachers and Parents.
    One important thing, student should like their Teacher first, then for sure they will like the subject the Teacher teaches. Let the Teachers be adorable for the Students.

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