Mamtha is playing a big drama

Mamtha ,the chief minister of west bengal ,has won in her attempt to remove trivedi from the central cabinet .The railway minister resigned after his boss Mamtha spoke to him directly . Before sometime he made fuss on this .Mamtha is acting as if she is against the raise in railway tickets fare .So only she is asking her own party member to resign.If she is really against the wait on people she should have oppose the general budget also which has attacked heavily the people than the railway budget.She has warned PM and Sonia to be more close to her to discuss the policy making of the central govt as she is also a partner. Though it is correct she should not have chosen this type of warning humiliating the office of PM before the nation.The congress has been lowered in five state elections and has to depend on Mamtha and other supporters like DMK ,UP leader MUlayam and BSP.Kalaignar also making mounting pressure on Sonia and PM in Srilankan issue. Manmohan has sighed heavily when left parties withdrawn their support to UPA I that they are pressurising the govt.But they didnot make the govt so cheaper like this and really pressured for the people and the dignity of the nation