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    Do you believe in Miracles ?

    We could have heard about many Miracles happened in the holy places. for example the physical illness becomes all right for the patients who are unhoped by the talented doctors ? We can not count these miracles as it is very high. And you might have heard people who are caught by the Ghosts are being delivered by the magic powers.

    Recently in a TV show it was shown that a girl who was caught by three ghosts was cured by a Poosari. The Ghosted girl asks for many edible things (including quarter) and drinks it. After her desires are satisfied the ghost goes out of the girl. is it all real one ? Is there miracles really ? do the miracles happen ? Is it the works of the eternal being so called "God" ?

    I believe in God and miracles. (not ghosts)
    What is your opinion ?
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    I agree with the first part of your thread and not with the second part, i.e. regarding the ghosts. As you said, there are miracles happening in some places through which come to know god exists. But it hard to believe the existence of ghosts. It all the actions created by various affected people. If Pusari can handle the ghosts and make them go away from the body, why can't they try making them not to come again in the same body. Many people are earning for doing this job taking ghosts away. But behind this work nothing is involved.

    Practice makes perfect..

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