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    Kudankulam protester Udayakumar got money from Foreign Countries ?

    Hi freinds,

    Is it true that Kudankulam protester Udayakumar has got money from the foreign countries to protest against the Koodankulam power plant ? Yesterday I read in a newspaper that the person who has given money to the Kudankulam protester Udayakumar has been chased and the Kudankulam protesting team is now in problem. When they asked Udayakumar regarding this he could not give the answer.

    Do any one know about this issue ? If you you can share that here with me. If that happened so , then what would be the next move of the government ? will the Koodankulam power plant will be opened soon ? will Tamil Nadu become a state without power cuts ?
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    International powers don't like India to improve .So they continuously try to block our policies.They killed Indira through kalistan forces and Rajiv by LTTE forces.They have made agreement to install American Atomic power stations.They are higher cost than KOodangulam.If koodangulam starts to function then people would compare higher cost of American current.So they use Udayakumar to destabilise Koodangulam.They are getting money from NGOs that are told service minded.But they are political in nature.But people would realise and won't llow KOodangulam to be closed.

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    Koodangulam plan should be started immediately...Either Govt should shutdown all the Atomic plants as a Policy decision or take appropriate safety measures and proceed.

    There is no meaning from the Agitators after 25 years of constructions being done, we cannot waste money just like this.

    Fear factors should mean for improving the securities and mitigation planning and should not be a stopper for the developments of India.

    Govt can think about relocating the entire village, if it is very close to the plant

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    I am not sure Udaya KUmar got money or not. But one thing is very clear from home ministry statement. Lost of money comes to India from western countries in the name of NGO for religion conversion.
    Suresh Kumar R.
    Engal Vazhvum Engal Valamum Mangaadha Tamizh Endru Sangae Muzhanku

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    Not only to convert to religion , but to destabilise our country. They help people who are very much in need and organise them to dance their tune .They block people from joining in the struggles of political parties,especially of left parties. They preach them that all political parties are bad . So they struggle against govt ,or political parties whom they are instructed from their outside bosses,mostly USA.So it is a political tool to push to the corner a govt and make the nation to bind to the favour of USA

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