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    Pantruti Ramachandiran - Next Leader for DMDK ?

    DMDK was started recently by the Tamil Cine actor Vijayakanth. The Party has grown very huge in short time. For the first time they won only one seat and in the next election they won 29 seats. this shows their growth.

    But often we can see that all the major meetings and announcements are said by a another important member of that same party Pantruti Ramachandiran. he represents DMDK in many of the places. I think if the charge is given to him he can do better instead of Vijayakanth. the reason I am saying that Vijayakanth is seen often short tempered in the public places. he got angry in the assembly and he also bet one minister during the election. I feel these kind of activities will surely bring him the bad name. it is good that Pantruti Ramachandiran can lead the party.

    Who is the best leader to lead DMDK ?
    Captain or pantruti Ramachandiran ?
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    Because of his experience with DMK ADMK leaders Panruti has the capability of politics.Moreover he is a administrator also.But he is not the crowd puller like vijayakanth.Vijayakanth by his sincere voice on people attracts people .His wife is agood politician and guide to him.So vijayakanth only can lead the party now.But fox panruti cannot ever

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    Panruti Ramachandran is the right personality to become next leader of DMDK. He is having great experience in politics and is capable of handling his party.
    Practice makes perfect..

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    What Vijakanth did for Viruthasalam? Why he moved away from Viruthasalam? Does he kept his words what he delivered to people about alliance? He told that his alliance is with people alone till the night, but simultaneously background bargaining was going on it. He changed his words once bargaining was over. This is the best example for opportunism.
    Suresh Kumar R.
    Engal Vazhvum Engal Valamum Mangaadha Tamizh Endru Sangae Muzhanku

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    Now Captain is the selected candidate for the Rishivindhiyam block. Now we only (I am also from Rishivindhiyam block) have 12 hours of power cut every day.

    Can you imagine 12 hours of power cut in a day ?

    Defeat the defeat, before the defeat defeats you


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    Power cut is the gift of JJ govt .For that Rishivandhiyam MLA can do nothing except giving voice for full day power that is he doing for the whole tamilNadu .so nothing wrong on his part. Regarding alliance , any party cannot survive in politics if it is not having alliance in our democracy.So he took corrrect stand in a crucial position of Tamilnadu politics.His role has really helped people to topple the DMK govt.So he is going on right path .We can give him supporting hand ..

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