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    Discuss: Education can help end child labour, Do you agree with that?

    This thread is to discuss the opinion poll topic 'Education can help end child labour, Do you agree with that?'.
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    This is a good topic to discus with. Actually it cannot be said that the child labor can be stopped with the help of providing education. If that can be the option the government can launch a strict rule to put up all the students in the school. But actually it is in the mind set of the every individual student. If the student is not willing to go to school and study he cannot be made into study. There are some category children who focus on earning only. Even thought they are sent to school they dont find the value of the education and they come back to the working itself. This is because they are focused on the money.

    In some other case there are also some children who are begging. Even though we send the children to the school they will not be permitted to the school by their parents. When we give some big amount of money to the parent of the begging children they dont know the importance of the education and rather they buy a big vessel in gold and again send their child for begging itself.

    So something different is necessary to send the people for education than for begging.

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    Definitely yes,
    I hope the author of this question means educating the parents.

    what can the govt do to insist that kids are sent to school.

    1. In the ration card, for the below averaged people, there should be a special column in which they will have to say which School their kids are studying. This can be implemented easily and ration can be denied if the kids are not in a school. The xerox copy of TC certificate with schools seal should be definitely placed in the space provided for the Schooling kids proof section. Strainless, since only one leaf should be added extra and if you get TC renerwal certificate once in a year, means all students are getting educated.

    2.General Awareness: IT is hard to agree that many don;t want to school. This is because, only the envi he lives decides what kind of man he will become. All children are born intelligent. And to those kind of chilren wrt what bala said (those who cannot study) should be educated till 8th std. This is certainly not difficult since we have a rule in Tamil Nadu that all children till 8th should be compulsorily promoted. So, each and every student gets at least basic education. At the least, he will know how to read and write, how ever dumb he is in understanding science and technology.

    3. Teachings about child labour, the rules, regulations and the law amendments upon the punishments and acts should be periodically updated and taught to the students right from 5th standard.

    4. Any cases on child labour should be made a non-bailable offence and that particular industry should be sealed and the owner should be jailed for a minimum 2 years.

    5. The parents of whose children goes for work should be asked to pay a legal fine of minimum Rs. 5000/- or all basic amneties like ration, EB, water sources can be cancelled off to their living place alone. (This is also pretty easy. Govt is already doing it :P)

    6. Begger's children should be leviated and made to study in a special school with hostel facility. (Remember that at least 90% of kids that the beggers have are not theirs. It might be a stolen kid or orphan kid.) Implementing this method will not only get the child educated but also there are high chances for the parents to find their kids. This is not too hard to implement. spending some lakhs is more than sufficient. Also, if such a scheme is bought, taxes can be exempted and the govt can run a charitable trust. Many N.G.O's will fund like waterfalls.

    Implementing all these in Tamil Nadu wil definitely take sometime. But, think about all these points. This will not only stop Child labour but also solve other problems. If somthing like this is done, am sure, Tami Nadu will be appreciated by global countries and UNESCO will put us in a top position in their list.

    -- Hope something like this will be done. And, more suggestions welcome to stop child labour and become Tamil Nadu a state of 100% literacy --


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    surely yes,

    Child labour is the most serious problem nowadays.Before that let me clarify that child labour is "which affects the children mentally,physically,morally or blocking access to education".All we know that for developing countries like india,education is the only key to reduction of poverty and complete citizenship.If we didnt give the education to children means they will be helpless and making our nation to the disaster path.An uneducated labour cant improvise his skills and he cant unleash his full power.Then a powerless nation sure going to meet the economic crisis,it lead to food crisis and the result is big disaster to india.
    childrens must go through the school life.Because it the place they can learn,play,rest,think and act.Ifthese actions are offended,the resultant will be reflected in the future.ok,how to avoid child labour?.The answer is,
    1.Full time,formal and QUALITY education must be free to all kind of peoples.
    2.Educational system must be completely improvised by governments.And the schools must be sufficient and accesible in all criterias.Ese nationalising the schools is the solution for uniformity education.
    3.Employers must be strictly warned.Those who employ the childs in thier work must be jailed.
    4.parental ignorance must be eliminated.

    For child-education is right
    For adult-work is the responsibility

    Politicians must think about this issue.Because nowadays they are spending lot of time to make them pride not our country.child labour eradication is possible in little time,if everbody aware of importance of education.

    s.karthik kumaran

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    Education is to give us "awareness".Education is to give us equal recognition in society, its to take the nation up to level of extreme prosperity. But these are what we call an "ideal condition".

    When it comes to Social problems like Child Labour, we really need to analyse the problems or root causes of it.The prime reason for existence of Child Labour even today in India, is because of extreme poverty.India today is a place where "Rich are becoming Richer" and "Poor are getting Poorer".And why ? Because , the resources available for poor people are not sufficient and even if sufficient , it doesn't reach the hands of the poor.Corruption is a major reason behind all these.

    But anyone may ask ,How are aforementioned points related to Child Labour.Yes, these are all interconnected.With increased cost of living , poor families cannot afford even most basic necessities for them.And in such cases people send their children to work.Their children become money rendering machines for their families.This is one case.

    In other case, Some places, all facilities are available for the poor people, provided by the government, but parents send their children to work with a greed of getting money."Sivakasi" the cracker town of TamilNadu is a very good example for this .In such places the owners of big cracker factories brain wash parents, and feed them with the greed of getting a good income on sending their children to factories to work.Parents don't realize that their children serve as cheap labourers and face extreme hardships in their workplace like becoming targets to abuse, Beatings and what not.

    Hence i feel the way to remove child labour is to provide Education , but at the time stringent measures have to be taken to penalize those who employ Child Labourers. Parents, who send their Children to work have to be warned and Should be punished on account of not following it.Government has to definitely increase campaigns on the importance of education and free education under scheme of "Sarva Shiksha Abyaan" or "Ellorukkum Kalvi " is available for poor people.All these inturn depend on how soon,India becomes corruption free.

    A Nation is rich , only if the Nation's treasure ,The youth community is educated.Only We,the Current generation can bring about a change in India.For this , we really have to abolish Child Labour and provide those kids with the Wealth of Education.

    "Education is a Wealth , only when it reaches the correct hands"


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    One out of every three persons working in tea shops and six out of ten employed in hotels in Chennai are child labourers.

    Child laboour is very rampant in Chennai city.

    Even though govt is coming forward to give them free education, the parents are insisting their child to work.

    K Mohan

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    The Root cause of the child labor is 'Poverty'. Every parent wants their children to be in higher positions only. But in most of the cases circumstance doesn't allow their dreams.

    41.6% of the Indian population are under the global poverty line (Global Poverty line $1.25/day, per person).
    As per the Planning commission of India 27.5% of the population is living under poverty line (As per Government of India, Poverty line Rs 10 per day, per person).
    In today's world, this income is enough to run a family? Even the price of the tomato per kg is more than Rs 10. How can those families survive in this world? They don't have any other option to send their children to work.

    If we want to eliminate Child labor, we have to eliminate poverty in our country.

    Suresh Kumar R.
    Engal Vazhvum Engal Valamum Mangaadha Tamizh Endru Sangae Muzhanku

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    i support that the education helps to end the child labour because our government gives free education for our people till 8th standard there is no depromote for the students

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    Hello Members!

    Thanks to all who have shared their views in details. I have nothing to add more in particular to these very well composed views except conveying my agreement with them.

    Let us strive together to fight against this.


    Kumaraditya Sarkar.

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