Teacher's Eligibility Test - A needed one ?

Hi to all,
the tamil nadu government has recently has issued an order that all the teachers who are going to be appointed for the government schools in tamil nadu will need to face an eligibility test. Now everyone who wants to become teacher in government schools must write the exam and get 90 marks from 150 total.

Previously once a candidate completes his B.ed or D.ted he / she is eligible for teachers. now the new method is inserted by the Tamil nadu government. What is your opinion on this issue ? there are people who complete b.ed and work in the field with the hope that they will get the government job. Now it is impossible for these people sit and study and get the pass mark of 90 in their old and matured age. They have family's and other important things to look after ? Is it needed to conduct an exam like this ?

In the central govenment CBSE schools exam system is followed.