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    Benefits of fdi in india

    FDI in India.

    FDI in India is Most Welcome.

    Why FDI is needed in India.

    1.People will get reliable products.
    2.More than 10million job will get ready to youngster.
    3.People will realize the good shopping experience.
    4.Government will get huge revenue through TAX.
    5.Indian local companies will get joint venture deal.
    6.Agriculture products will get good demand as well as price.
    7.Farmer can avoid inter mediator in their selling.
    8.Indian infrastructure will get good design.
    9.Totally People living style will be upgraded.

    Actually people are totally unaware about the FDI because of misleading. People are thinking wrongly that If FDI entered in India, All Indian money will send to the foreign country. That is blunder, Because If any foreign country want to start their business in India, They should follow some rules and regulation. The main rule is 'Certain amount of profit only migrate to foreign'. So the remaining amount should invest in our Nation. There is no other way for them.

    In my view,
    Indian farmers have been working hard to run their life. The marketing their products is the big problem to them. Because they sell their products in minimum price to inter mediator. The intermediator can earn the more money than the farmers.
    If 1kg bringal rate is RS.20, The farmer sell that bringal as Rs.5. The inter mediator can earn the remain Rs.15.

    If FDI enter inside India, Farmers can sell their products to FDI retail shop without any inter mediator. So the famers wii earn more money.(The bringal rate is Rs.15) These kind of direct purcase of FDI retail shop can eaily motivate the Agriculture in India. And also public can get the products in low price.

    Please support to FDI.

    YOURS dinny
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    Dear Friends,

    Yes it is true. The FDI is a good solution to sell our products in the direct market. This will encourage the business in a worthy manner and make more competitions to get the products by giving more prices in between the companies.

    So The Foreign direct investment (FDI) will be a beneficial to the country and as well as the individuals. So, we people should encourage the FDI in India. The government and political parties should understand the real fact of this FDI in india and take necessary steps to bring the FDI concept to India. So The TSR members should know the real fact of this FDI concept and take this to the people of our country and explain about the FDI and its benefits.

    With regards.


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    Before few months the The Foreign direct investment (FDI) issue was discussed very much and now no one cares about it. The Foreign direct investment (FDI) will spoil the small shops in India - this is what said by the commercial people.

    According to me The Foreign direct investment (FDI) is a good plan that we can start in our country. there are two options on this. the one is that we can allow The Foreign direct investment (FDI) or we the people of our country can take the initiatives and form the group and do the investment that they do. Indians are well efficient and there is the hope for us to grow. According to me the government can encourage it for the growth of our country.

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