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    Do you think the four member council will solve the Koodangulam issue ?

    The tamil nadu chief minister has announced that a team of four memebers will be formed to discuss the issue of the Koodangulam power plant issue. the medias are saying that JJ had taken very brilliant decision by forming the four members. Because the four members are very talented that even the opposits of Koodangulam is in a dynamo to continue the protest or not.

    Is this really a good decision by our Chief Minister J.Jayalalitha ? How will this solve the Koodangulam issue ? how far we can believe on this group.
    she has announced that the koondagulam will be opened shortly and all the power cuts in tamil nadu will be demolished very soon. can we believe this words ? Will the power problem have an end soon ?
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    If Mrs. JJ has a will to go against the Koodankulam protestors and favour opening the Nuclear Power plant, she will surely succeed in her attempt. I think, the four member committee will study and submit a report that will be in favour of the people who want the power plant to be opened. The Protestors cannot go against the recommendation of the newly formed committee by the state government. Hence the protestors are in a dilemma whether to continue the protest or stop the protest.

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    If JJ really interested in anything she could have already taken a stand on this issue.She wants to politicise this.She think the central govt should seek her help to open koodangulam and if she is approached she will lay conditions .But cong and central govt do not want to beg her .So they formed a group of experts and justified that koodangulam is safest project. But without the help of the local govt they could not open.So the people will charge JJ for not helping central.To avoid this criticism she has chosen the committee to drag the issue as long as she wish.Alas the people are the sufferer without enough currrent.But central and state govts areplaying petty politics .They should stand united for the issues like koodangulam and face the opposition group and clarify the people who are having real doubts (not Udayakumar)and open the koodangulam very soon.For this people should raise against central , state govts and Udayakumar company

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    Holy crap....! The tiny team (Udayakumar)is frustrating the big project. Not at all possible. The big supporting team is behind him. We are the difficult Indians. Why because we are soaking the dream project with out any possible movement. Politicians should not have done like this. They are always seeking their own benefit (Not only CONGRESS)They have eager to fill their bags with corrupted money. They haven't time to think about people's benefits.
    The Koodangulam power plant is doesn't big matter to our Govt. Because our Govt have full power to take a remedy to Koodangulam power plant. But they are making mix the political welfare in that.
    Anyhow people are getting suffer because of power cut.
    Now our main problem is, we haven't good political leader to rule our India. Still People have been believing the politician's Cock and Bull Stories.

    Now we are just anticipating the Koodangulam power plant success. This only people can do.

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    Koodankulam plant is not able to functioning because of JJ only. So far she didn't open open her on power cut and how her government is going to solve it. She assured TN that she will solve the power cut problem within 6 months once her party became ruling party. As far as I know ADMK government didn't take any steps to start new projects for power. Still they are believe the projects which are started in the previous DMK govt. Hope they will come to operation in mid of 2013. In between the demand also will get increased and again we are going to face the same power cut problem.

    Koodankulam alone cann't solve TN power problem. It will give us only 950MW but our shortage is 3000MW

    Suresh Kumar R.
    Engal Vazhvum Engal Valamum Mangaadha Tamizh Endru Sangae Muzhanku

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    Udayakumar may be arrested and his team will be washed away.koodangulam will start functioning within March.A group purposely digging the plant with jj's moral support.As routine she will drop them and all will be clear soon

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