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    Swami Nithyanandar

    Swami nithyandar is now a really famous personality all over the world and very particularly in the southern region of India. With the 'Sun Pictures' release of the video where Nithyananda was found indulging in 'extra-curricular activities', many people who are/were his followers did not want to accept what was being shown.

    Many fathers say, it is true and Nithyananda really separated their family and took their daughters of 21 - 25 years of age to sanyasam. Though parents oppose these mind-washed young ladies, they had fell prey to Nithyananda's training already and they want to live the remaining life as a Sanyasin in his Ashram.

    But, being a Guru of Hindu Religion and as they say, people were treating him as God, how could he do this? Is this right? Or is it that it doesn't matter as Nithyananda said "Am researching the Human reproductive cycle" :P
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    I don't like to comment on Nithyanandha's activities are right or wrong. But onething I am wondering is that the Society or people are how much interested in other's bed room or personal things. He didn't forced that actress. Then how can it will become under rape case?
    How many and how much times the Video was telecasted by Sun TV? Too bad.
    Noone complaint about him until the Video had been released. Where those fathers had gone? They are doing this for cheap publicity and may be money too. God only knows the real fact.

    Suresh Kumar R.
    Engal Vazhvum Engal Valamum Mangaadha Tamizh Endru Sangae Muzhanku

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    ^ ^

    ha ha.. correct. But remember, no one holds a camera in a ordinary man's bedroom. For that matter, a celebrity has no privacy really because of the media as a whole. In fact, someone like Nithyananda should have been very cautious.

    And coming to the second part of yours.. This is obviouus! India is a country which expects one to start off the cause and others will follow, always. Say if your son is not being taught well in school, amondg the 10 parents either you will be the one who start off a questionare at the school and you will see lots of complaints flooding in.

    Indian people don't come out just like that. If it had been so, India would have developed long back.

    And, please understand that no Rape case has been filed. The case against Nithyananda was that he allegedly forced people to sanyasam via his ashram activities and cheated people as a "Madha(religious) Guru", being an example of how he shouldn't actually be.


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    Hi Suresh,

    I cant agree with your statement. How can the others be without indulging in the internal affairs. If he is not caught then this would have not been a great issue. But he got caught in public and now the people are fed up with swamigal. Because of this issue the sin generally goes to the community of swamigal. People started hating all types of swamigal. Sun tv is doing for the publicity. I do accept your point. If he had been proper the sun tv does not have any work in indulging in his affairs know. So this is definitely on the mistake of the swamigal and not on the media. Exaggeration is the common thing with the media for the publicity. But there are also many secrets that are brought out and some are still hidden.

    It is in the hands of the people who grow the greatness of these kind of the swamigal.

    Thanks & Regards
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    So the case against him is not related to that Video. Am I right?
    Where the people like you have gone until that video was released? He could have been arrested before that too? Today some people have complaint about him but why not before that Video?
    Government has the responsibility to monitor this kind of big ashramams irrespective of religion.

    Someone illegeally entered another's room and did something. This is like a theft only. No punishment for him? Tomorrow he may do the samething for families and can blackmail them.

    Suresh Kumar R.
    Engal Vazhvum Engal Valamum Mangaadha Tamizh Endru Sangae Muzhanku

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    Hi suresh,

    Obviously, when it speaks about the video, it speaks about him. Okay tell me this thing. If you rent a flat in a big building and there is a leak in your water pipe. Will you make it a social issue? You will try to solve the issue right? But if all the people staying in other houses of the same flat has the same problem, that will come into a social issue.

    Now, point two. How will others come to know that flat A has also got the same problem? When there is a protest or oral communication right? This oral communication will lead to flat B and flat C and so on.. Hence, everybody will know that the same problem exists in all houses, since people of other homes starts complaining about same issue.

    This is very similar to Nithyananda's case. He is a big shot. And when a person is brain-washed, it is not necessary that they would say, Nithayananda has brain washed me. They will only say I am, personally interested. So parent of a child cannot do anything.

    As this video was released some parents came forward and told about this sanyasin issue and hence many came out.

    Of course, they might have did this already. but be practical... No parent wil wish to say to the public that these things happened. But now, this is a sharing of agony. Not only mine, but also yours. So this is a different thing.

    Okay whatever it is, am coming to your point. Nithyananda is a madha Guru, right? A supposed to be sanyasin. Even if that actress would have seduced him, he should not have accepted else he should ve married her.

    Hinduism doesn say Sanyasi's should not be married. They can. We have got lot of Rishi's and Muni's for ex in this case. But a realation with a gal illegally is wrong and its a societal kill according to Hinduism. Under no conditions, this should be accepted.

    Let that paramananda who took the video be punished. He will get a max of a 6 - month or 1 year jail, as per law. Not more than that because the issue is of social interest.

    Still i can say you, there are many more parents who have been separated from their gals and don want to come to media because of media fear.


    "I was a nut, before becoming a tree!"

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    Hi all ,

    Actually i too agree with what bala had to say -How can the others be without indulging in the internal affairs ??. Moreover its not internal affair , its public , social affair . It was he who motivated many people to leave , their normal family life , a life of commitment to family , and take up sanyasam , commitment to god only. How many men left their families listening to this ?. How many young girls got motivated that, "yes! becoming sanyasini is my life path " and inturn they were forced to do wrong things with him ,helpless without revealing out.This particular video was given by a man to media because he was pissed off with what was happening in the ashram. I don't know his name correctly but he was a christian by birth. He after listening to golden words of this so called mahapurushar, left his family and joined ashram.He slowly started discovering illegal activities happening in ashram. Finally, with his video , the truth came to limelight.I dont say iam entirely supporting this guy( i dont even know what personal problem he had with nityananda) , the truth might have been anything , but somehow true face has been revealed. And coming to media , televisions like sun networks have telecasted it again and again to increase their trp ratings and nothing more than that.But again , we got to know such things only because of media , though they exaggerate.

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    Swami Nithyanandhar is really great! One way or the other he has helped us to share our views about him in this forum.

    Let me thank him first.

    Thank You Nithyanandhar!

    Let us forget about the Great Nithyanandhar for sometime. Lets talk about his devotees.

    * Where did they go?
    * Will they ever admit themselves that they were devotees of this swamigal?
    * Will they ever trust any other swamiji in their lives?

    Nithyanandhar's mistake and his current situation must have been a good lesson taught by him to his devotees.

    Now they know what would happen when they trust someone so much more than your life.

    Even if the court releases him, first thing that would happen is the murder of Swami Nithyanandhar. Their devotees themselves will murder him.

    Now coming back to Nithy...

    He is a black mark to the whole Hindu Community and the nation. He might have done 99 good things and 1 bad thing.

    What do we people speak when we talk about him? His good deeds or the bad one.

    I think he just got his life screwed up.


    Chandru Always Rocks

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    The ultimate culprits are the people who had belief in Nityananda,

    why do people need an agent like him to feel Godliness?

    why cant people worship God in temples or feel the God residing inside them?

    when will these people get pure knowledge about God?

    Encouraging culprits like Nityanandha is really an offense,He should be penalised and penalised to the core.

    why should Nityanandha give speeches on Brahmacharyam when he himself a playboy?

    *** Nettrikkan Thirapinum Kutram Kutramey ***

    Thanking you,


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