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    New awards for TSR Members - Earn upto Rs.1000/- Extra

    Hello, Greetings to everyone!We hope you are enjoying as well! Our site is gradually growing faster and faster and we are again here with another award programme, this time greater than ever. Now you can get Rs.1000/- extra as a gift form me. Read further to know more about this award programme.

    Earn 900 points and get 600Rs extra
    Eligibility: Score a minimum of 600 points by posting articles and rest of the points by posting links in bookmark section, forum answers. Posting links in Google+, Yahoo and facebook is must. This helps TSR to reach greater heights.

    Earn 700 points and earn 400Rs extra
    Eligibility: Score a minimum of 500 points by posting articles and rest of the points by posting links in bookmark section and forum answers.

    Other than this Partnership programme and Member of Day award (MOD) will continue as usual. Simple, try to score 30 points a day and reach 900 points in a month.

    Btw, if you put little more effort you can also win MOD award for that particular day. It means that you have 95 points ans Rs.50 in your account already. Calculate yourself that how much you can earn in a month extra. In think this is nice opportunity to earn. But from this time MOD will be given to only top scorer. Same rules as before.

    If you have any quires about this new awards, you are always free to contact me in G talk, if not you can post your feedback here.
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    Dear Kranthi kiran,

    Really great scheme.Hope the members can utilize well.Tamilspider will reach new height when this scheme has been appreciated well,since it will strengthen the article submission category.Let me also try to work for this.Thank you.

    S.Karthik kumaran

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    Hello sir,

    it is a indeed a great opportunity for Tamil Spider Members to earn more cash credits in their account. This would really serve as a motivating factor for the members and hence leading to the better growth of the site.

    I have a doubt here. We should take 600 points from resource. the rest of the point should be scored only through Forum and bookmarks ? or we can earn points from Businees Directories and all other means ?

    Defeat the defeat, before the defeat defeats you


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    Hello Jerold merjilla,
    We are planing to discontinue business directory section, event section and other sections in TSR in near future, because most of our revenue comes from resources only. It takes time to shift all important data to resource section. Therefor we are not encouraging to post any details in these sections.

    Try to get points as much as u can form resource section, forums, bookmark section. Detailed description with minimum of 600 words is always considered as a good article. May it be on upcoming events, upcoming events online booking, shop details.

    A S Kranthi Kiran

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    Hope this would be Special News for all the members of Tamil Spider which would let them with good opportunity towards their part time earnings.

    The members would be more delighted and happy with these types of reward programs as it let them to earn a decent income. Tamil spider not only stops with this rewards in addition to motivate and encourage its members with lot of happiness and joy towards their contribution of work it continues with other sets of rewards programs like MOD and Partnership ship.

    Hope every member would take this as a great opportunity given by the web master and looking out with more set of resources and participation from the members.

    My hearty advance wishes for all the members to earn with their reward.

    S.Naina Khan.

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    Dear Webmaster and Members,

    After a long gap, Now I came back to TSR. Due to my personal inconvenience, I could not post articles in our TSR for the past six months. Now I am quite well and also interested in posting articles in TSR. This new announcement by our webmaster which makes a chance to earn 1000 rupees extra apart from the regular earning sources of TSR. I hope that this new earning facility has been implemented first in our TSR among the other spider network websites.

    The members of TSR have to utilize this chance to earn some good revenue by posting good articles and actively participating in the forum sections.

    With regards,


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    Will the MOD points counted for this program or not? Please clarify. Thank you.
    Regards -
    Lakshmi S

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    Hello Lakshmi
    Yes the points your earned will be counted. Infact, these points will also be taken into account for Partnership share also. So over all you have triple benefits. MOD + Special award + Partnership share.

    A S Kranthi Kiran

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    Thank you Mr.Kranthi Kiran for the clarification. Yes, it is true, it will be a three-in-one offer.
    Regards -
    Lakshmi S

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    Could you please help/guide me how to earn from tamil I am not getting clear idea. Kindly help.

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    Hello V.Aravindhan,
    This is Krnathi Kiran webmaster of this site. Please contact me in G talk. I can guide through!

    A S Kranthi Kiran

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