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    Discuss: Do u believe doomsday happen in this year

    This thread is to discuss the opinion poll topic 'Do u believe doomsday happen in this year'.

    12.21.2012 the Doomsday begins Many people believe this some people


    Many television using this opportunity to increase the TRP rating for the channel and many of the people loose there confidence to fight with life so many people believe the Doomsday will happen in that day of mayan calender finished that is end of the day for the earth.
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    It is very true. We are likely to be affected by dooms day. Please refer my forum post Dooms day is true and post your opinion on my saying.

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    Hi ,
    We can't exactly say about this because it is something related to eternal. The eternal always remains as a mystery. It is not what the public says , it is the believe each and every individual. those who believe in god will accept, while the same notion will not be agreed by the people who believe in maths.

    mostly we can see most of the natural disasters takes place in the end of the year i.e in the december end. Many of the natural deasters had taken place in the december month including the Great Tsunami. When compared to the other months of the year in December month the natural calamity is more.

    there is chance for a partial destruction. May not be completely. According to some beliefs stones from sky will fall down on earth and the earth will be demolished.

    here i remember one more thing. in the year 2000 also same rumur had spoken. but nothing happpened. Let us wait and see.

    Defeat the defeat, before the defeat defeats you


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