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    Will the world end in 2012 ?

    This is one of the hot topic of the day that the world will end on 2012 december 21. According to the mayan calender there is no day after the due date. The mayan calender has ended on that particular day.
    Previously it was told that the world will end on 2000. But it had not happened. Will this mayan calender also is one like that. Is it only a story ? Many say different views on this. Every religion states one news regarding this issue . How far it is true ? What is your opinion on this issue ? You can share here in this forum.
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    Dear Jerold,
    World will end in 2012?-oops this too an another business of the people surrounded by us.What we call world is nothing but,the things we experience.It has been expanded from the time of first living being.We only divided everything and named the continents etc.. So,these stupidities of our classification makes 7 continents and etc.. The world will not suffer for anything,the beings may suffer due to the attachments to thier level.According to scriptures,scientists and some astrologers cannot predict this and all.If we can predict means,we are out of the box.The US film industry got much benefit by propagating this issue to a certain level.And some organisations may earn some little amount by spreading this."we AND the world is said to be same in all religions".So,the humanity may be the keypoint for measuring the destruction nor the geological assumptions.Hence,forget the threat and continue your work.Any way nothing is going to bother you whatever case happens. If you die you are not going to be here for sure,if not "u may watch TV".

    S.Karthik Kumaran,
    "Fear is death"

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    Good Joke
    Suresh Kumar R.
    Engal Vazhvum Engal Valamum Mangaadha Tamizh Endru Sangae Muzhanku

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    World ending in 2012 is just a rumour. There are other sayings like the world will not end in 2012 but some massive destruction will be caused to the human community. Well, these massive destructions are happening every year in the form earthquake, cyclones,etc., Hence this is not a big deal. There are some people who will create these kind of rumour and create unnecessary fear among people.
    Practice makes perfect..

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    It is possible and impossible. There are bright chances of the world getting dark on that particular day. Our earth is likely to get a hit by a comet leaving its orbit. The comets hard hit is likely to tilt the earth axis to few degrees. This will make a great change in seasons and cause great sufferings to human. Until then let us live happily in peace and harmony and look for the dooms day 21.12.2012 to see a good Friday or a dark Friday.

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