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    Tamil Nadu Ministers are Changed very often . Is it for growth ?

    Now a days we can see that the tamil nadu ministers are being changed from their posts very often. For example AGRI was there in the pallikalvi thurai department only for not more than one week. Now it is the third minister who handle the Tamil nadu pallikalivi thurai department. like wise JJ has changes the collectors and minisiters all of a sudden. Will this activity of JJ will bring any good growth in Tamil Nadu? What would be the reason for her to change the ministers and collectors and many of the high officials in a short time ?

    What is your opinion about this ? Is She doing the right movements for the growth of Tamil Nadu. ? What other steps can be adopted by the tamil nadu government. ? Discuss in this forum .
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    JJ never thinks anything important than her .If he /it is not to her taste within no time she will change. It is not good for a govt or administration or to the state and people.Thus she is sending the message that bind to me if you want to continue in your positions.It is pity to the people of tamilnadu as no reason is given by their govt to change yesterday's minister today or to bring back to her cabinet again who was packed before.It is a mockery to the democracy..But time will prove that these people would show their strength when they press the button

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    Ministers and officials transfers are not taken for the people and it is for her own reason. Really I am doubtful about JJ's ministers knowledge and her administrative skills. Does they really capable to be a minister? Even very small small announcements are coming in the name of JJ. This clearly shows that how she is handling her minister.
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    I think this is a good move by the TamilNadu government. I guess like those who are not efficient in their are changed frequently. Why I am telling like this because, recently the collector district was changed and now the collector is Mr.Rajendra Rathnu. Before changing, the collector was Ms.Amuthavalli. Her management in cuddalore district was not performing well during the cyclone 'Thane'. So, I think because of this reason, JJ changed the collector. One thing to note down here is that the newly appointed collector is the one who was the collector of same district some 2 years before and he managed cuddalore district very well. No cuddalore district people are very happy on his return to the position.
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    It is good to see such changes. If a minister is not capable enough to run his ministry to the expected standard of the Chief minister, it is very right to change the minister and appoint a new minister. JJ is bold enough to make such bold decisions. She is a courageous and powerful leader who can do anything without foreseeing the outcome of the changes.

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    She is not doing the changes not in the interest of the administration.If it is so we can welcome all her changes.But the scale is only her ego.She is pulling out one from the cabinet for his inefficiency and after one or two weeks again he is brought back to the cabinet.Is this for good administration.Often changing captains of the portfolios and depts it will give a severe blow to the administration.A stability is needed in the govt .She is sending only the message that all are below to me; keep pleasing me regularly ..Boldness means not adamant and aristocrat.In a democracy all should be considered and consulted and then making decisions.But she says that I have decided follow it ..Perhaps it is her party but govt is not of her .it is of people

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    The changing of Minsters in the Tamil nadu government is not so good for the effective administration. The frequent changes in the portfolio of the Ministers will affect the administration of the government and destroy the growth of the state. This changes of Ministers would make an un stability in the administration. The Ministers could not get much experience in their department by changing them frequently from one to another.

    The chief minister does not change the Ministers based on their performance and she changes them by the personal vengeance and other political reasons. So, this attitude should be changed and the stability should be maintained in the ministry portfolio.

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