Latest News about Extension of Seasonal Ticket Timings for Chennai Local Trains

As said by Southern Railway Officer there will be issue of Seasonal Tickets for Local Trains at various counters available in different station with extension in their Timings. Nowadays we would be able to witness a huge crowd in Local Trains and this may be due to sudden hike in Bus Fares and due to this several peoples have even changed their mode of Transport. Due to this the stations are being flooded with heads of people not only during peak hours but in many cases round the day.

Due to switch over of several people towards local Trains as their mode of transports it would be very difficult to receive the respective tickets at the counters on time due to over crowd. In order to escape and get rid from the tension of over crowd and make the passengers feel happy towards their journey several monthly and seasonal pass exists. The monthly fare is only Rs 115 from Beach Station to Pergulanthur and Rs 300 for 3 months. If compared with bus fare it is 10 times lesser than its price. Previously the seasonal and monthly pass have been issued to the passenger only in selective centers at selective time but now due to current situation and increase in people towards Train Service the Railway Department in order to satisfy the desire of its passenger has made to extent the service of season Ticket till mid night when they close their duty for the day.

S.Naina Khan