Topics for 11th Dec 19th Dec 2011

Topics for 11th Dec 19th Dec 2011

New Year celebrations 2012 in Chennai
Celebrities performances details on New year 2012 in Tamilnadu
New Year Special events at hotels and Pubs in Tamilnadu

Any admission notification 2012 of Tamilandu colleges. Try to follow some sites and update! You will earn good revenue for almost 4 to 5 months with that single article! Make a note of results date and if you that 1 or 2 weeks before, there will be a lot of traffic to site and can earn good personal revenue. Just try it!
Tamil calenders 2012
Tamil Calender Murtham days 2012
Future exam results 2012

Resources from each color is must!!

MOD new Update- 1 - Till now we are giving MOD to only one person who crosses the minimum eligibility points of 95. But, from September, 2 members will be considered for this award. This means that if 2 members crosses eligibility criteria, both will be awarded MOD.

MOD new Update- 2 - The minimum points to get MOD has been reduced to 90.

Member of Day award eligibility