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    Road Map and Earning Tips from Tamil Spider

    About Tamil Spider

    Tamil Spider one of the Best Revenue generation site being created by the people of Tamil Nadu acts as a platform in providing with the latest information's and happenings about Tamil Nadu in a timely manner even to both members and non members of the site. It not only acts as a platform in providing with latest information's but in spite of the above it can act as a helping hand in connecting the peoples of Tamil Nadu, sharing their views and opinions about any matters related to Tami Nadu and moreover acts as tool in posting their information as a resource which let them with an opportunity to earn money towards their contributions.

    Tamil Spider not only constraints to specific information's about Tamil Nadu but update with latest information's and news happening in and around us. The growth and contribution rate of Tamil Spider shows a steady state of growth with increasing number of new members daily providing them with an opportunity to add up any suggestions and opinions towards its success. This let Tamil Spider to stay ahead.

    Basic parts of an article

    The ultimate goal of an article is to provide us with an opportunity to express our views and opinion by promoting our resources on certain subject of our expertise and your article will speak out and fetch you more readers of appreciation only by the information provided by you in the article.
    In order to succeed with the promotion of your article identify the right channel for promoting your article. Your article should not be a collection of words but instant make it into a sentence by adding meaning full value about the quality contents of information from your article. Here are some basic great tips to any article that will lead towards its success.

    The article Title is the first thing that a reader search us and spots from their Search Engine. Having a clear and convincing title will grab the attention of the reader and sticks them to your resources and continue further reading. The title of your article should be crisp enough that lets the readers to get with their required information from a single point of click. Use only simple words to frame a sentence of your article and your title should describe what you like to convey and provide the readers.

    The second stage to grasp the attention of the readers is Summary. Summary explains about overview of an article conveying the readers with their search of information. If the summary is not relevant and does not speaks out what the reader is looking for then the reader will leave the page at this situation and looks for other sources of information . Hence article summary should be well written and convincing.

    Article Content
    The core element of an article would be the Content. The most important factor would be its quality with quantity of information. Good quality content of article will fetch us with good credit from the readers. The descriptions of the article should be clear enough about what our article tries to convey the readers and with quality content from our article it helps the reader to establish reputation and feel pride that they are reading a rich and professional content article.

    Use sub headings and pictures where ever necessary and avoid too much details as it bores the readers and write your paragraph in a flow with relevant sub heading. Highlight the key points and make your article conversational. Good grammar will also help you to increase your creditability.

    Tags is also another important key factor for success of your article. The reader can easily locate your article through the tags you have attached. A good key word and tag can also fetch you more set of readers by usage of proper search engine optimization techniques. Hence the writer are advised to take at most care towards their tags and requested to add more number of relevant key words as their tag.

    Do's in an Article
    1.Good Head Lines makes the Difference
    2.Use only simple understandable words
    3.Put value of quality in your content
    4.Check grammar and spelling before submission

    Dont's in an Article
    1.Instill on your own personality in your article and never be a copy cat
    2.Never lie or provide wrong and false information's or make out exaggerated claims.

    Tamil Spider Page Details Information's

    Forum Section
    The members can create Forums of any kind to share their views and respective sharing of forums fetches them with some value of points which are calculated automatically based on the content of the information. Hence Forum can act as a platform of discussion table to share ones views and opinions.

    Article Section
    Tamil Spider has categorized Articles into different sections providing with an opportunity to post various contents under different categories. Writers can select their required article section to post their resources and putting an article in right section help other members and readers to view you article at a great extent. Tamil Spider in order to motivate its members awards them with both Points and Cash for the resources posted by them. Both Cash and Points mayn't be the same and all posting may not fetch up with cash. Producing good quality and quantity content of latest hot topics in Tamil Nadu will fetch the writers with good points and cash.

    Poll Section
    Creating polls on current hot topics as situations can let you to get it approved and then kept opened for voting with others views and opinion towards the question raised. You can create up to five available options in a poll and polls are being kept active only for certain period of time and posting of good poll will fetch you some decent points.

    Bookmark Section
    There may be number of webpage you visit in a day and it mayn't be possible to keep in memory with all names of the sites and to overcome it you can create your required favorite page as bookmark for your future reference. Tamil spider also allocates with a point for each book marks created. Never try to replicate the book mark from original website instead try to modify the wording and add some content of information about the webpage in your own words. In Tamil spider you have the option to add the book marks under several categories like Booking Tickets, Business, Education, General, News, Politics, Social Networking and Technology. In case you have doubts in adding your bookmark to the required category then you can add up into General category.

    Tags are the most important key to your resource and if you note it in any type of article you would be able to witness the usage of Tags which are more relevant to their resource. Adding more number of relevant Tags can also fetch you with more readers.

    Quick Info Section
    This helps in finding information's related to various sources of categories like Automobiles, Education and many more from different districts of Tamil Nadu.

    Events Section
    This section mainly provides information's about various events happening in Tamil Nadu. Members has been given with an opportunity to post any type of events and it not only constraints to their locality. Posting as much information's about the event will help the writers to increase their point value and in few cases awarded with cash for the quantity and quality of information's provided.

    Business Directory Section
    This section provides us with various types of information's related to Business under different districts in Tamil Nadu. The Business Directory are being categorized into different sections and posting relevant Business of any known districts can help us in increase points and earn decent income.

    New posts Section
    This is another page information of Tamil Spider and with addition of new members daily and with their contribution it might be difficult for an individual to know about the resources posted by members for the day and may even lets them outdated with information if not viewed for few days and in such situation New Post Page will help them to provide with latest updated information from its members. Members are advised to make use of this page during initial stage of their page view in Tamil Spider as it lets them to post with their opinions to various articles.

    Lobby Section
    This section help the members of Tamil Spider to convey their present status to other members and even let them with an opportunity to know about the happening of others members.

    Events Section
    This section provides any user with the List of Registered members in Tamil Spider. The registered members are being classified based on different caters like Bronze, Silver, Gold, Diamond and Platinum. Every user have the flexibility to search their required members details using various factors like User Id, Name and many more with their progress towards the site.

    Posting Guide Lines Section
    This section would be very much useful for Newbie's of Tamil Spider and this section provides with clear information's related to the guidelines for posting a resource as an article in Tamil Spider and mightn't constraint with its rules for a specific section.

    Tamilnadu Exam Practice Test Section
    This section mainly focuses on various Question Bank along with Practice section for various cater of universities and exam. As this section is more focused towards Education it can be widely accessed by students.

    Revenue Sharing Section
    This section mainly deals with various information's associated with Google Ad sense with various FAQs, application procedures along with various sharing polices.

    Celebrity Section
    This section mainly focuses on information's about various celebrities of Tamil Nadu from different caters of Industry and Specializations.

    Entrance Exam Section
    This section mainly focuses on various Question Bank along with Practice section for various competitive exams for different universities and exam. As this section is more focused towards Education it can be widely accessed by students.

    Matrimonial Section
    This section mainly focuses on Matrimony information's and the members of Tamil Spider can have the flexibility to create their known matrimony information's. Tamil spider even awards it members with decent cash for each profile created.

    Classifieds Section
    This section help the members of Tamil Spider to post various information's about Vacancy, Events, Jobs and many more.

    Jobs Section
    This section deals with various categories of jobs with the details of the employer and members are being rewarded for each post in this section.

    Tamil Nadu News Section
    This section provides with latest information's and updates happening in Tamil Nadu and writers are also being created with decent point and cash for their postings.

    Tamil Spider Awards

    Member of the Day

    This is a special program being introduced by Tamil Spider and with this type of programs the contributing members are being motivated with special rewards as cash towards their dedication of work.

    Members Referral Program

    Tamil Spider provides with another good opportunity to its members where they can earn Referral bonus for introduction of various members as their Referral to Tamil Spider. Each members also gets benefit when their referred members reach certain membership level.

    Google Ad sense Program

    This is one of the trusted and interesting programs developed for the members of Tamil Spider. Both Tamil Spider and Google has certain terms of conditions towards Google Ad sense process with some basic eligibility criteria. Tamil Spider even joint hands with its members and helps them towards successful process of Google Ad sense applications.
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    Very well written article. I don't know why this article is finding place in forums rather than in Resources section of TSR. Hope this will be transferred to resources soon.
    Regards -
    Lakshmi S

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    Hello Lakshmi Satish Kumar,
    The reason I moved this article into forum section is because I thought it will help the new comers, rather go unnoticed in resource section with many articles.

    A S Kranthi Kiran

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    Dear members,

    This forum thread is really a good one and an appreciable effort taken by our member Naina Khan. He presented this forum message in a very effective manner and it will be very useful for the new members of our TSR. The new members of TSR shoulf go through this forum message and should contribute their effort in the sections mentioned by our member.

    The new members should follow the rules and guideline of posting the articles in the resource section. So, The new members can use this message for posting articles.

    As our webmaster Kranthi told, This content should be in forum section in which it makes a chance to read this content by all members our TSR.

    With regards,


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