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    Petrol prices drop further :)

    Petrol prices to be cut down by 65 paise a litre for the second time this week. The price was reduced for the first time on November 16, when there was a decline of Rs.2 per litre. But the refineries have cautioned that the prices may once again see a rising trend because the fuel prices show a sign of reversal and also the rupee remains weak against dollar.

    With the total price down of 2.65 rupees, an average family owning a car giving 18 kmpl and driving nearly 80 km per day can save upto Rs.300-Rs.350.

    Seems like bus travel will soon become a costly affair in Tamilnadu! :)

    Happy motoring!
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    Hello Vijay
    It is really a good thing that the government is reducing the petrol rates further and I think this act of the government would benefit more number of people who are dependent in petrol like drivers. I feel that the government should bring many more activities as this so as to facilitate the people of our country. I feel that it is really a good move of the government.

    Sudhan A

    "All men who have achieved great things have been great dreamers"

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    Hi Sudhan,

    Yeah bro :) I too hope the same :)

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    Hi Vijay,
    Its a good news for all the people. It was guessed that the petrol price will drop again by Rs.2 for the second time. But the company reduced only 0.65 paise. The prices are expected to go below further.

    Practice makes perfect..

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    Hi Rizwan,

    Yeah. I feel very happy for the reduced prices.

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    I think we need a alternate source to be implemented soon. Petrol is a non renewable resource and production may cease very soon. If the production becomes low then again the price may get increased.

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    Hi venkat,

    I agree with your views. We have to start using alternative source of energy to power our vehicles. We should reduce the use of petrol and diesel vehicles and start using electrically powered vehicles. But the problem is even electricity is produced from fossil fuels only (though nuclear, solar, wind, tidal, etc are there, they play a very small amount compared to the major amount by thermal power plants).

    Thus, we may conclude that we have to use public means of transport.

    But the sarcasm lies in the fact that, even the bus fares are hiked. Thus, only option left is train. But now, even the railway stations are very much crowded and just to travel for 5 or 6 kilometres, we have to wait in a queue for 1 hour!

    Thus, people have started using their own means of transport!!!

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