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    How to prevent colleges and schools from asking Capitation fees

    The corruption is everywhere and now in this present situation of Tamilnadu the schools and colleges demands a lot. Even though the student get good marks the engineering college demands a higher amount of nearly 3 to 4 lacks as capitation fees. This forum is to discuss on how to prevent college and school from asking capitation fees.
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    Not only the colleges but in the school level also this collection of capitation fees has become common. When a small child want to join in the school and if that school is of high grade in the city the capitation fees is collected in the lacks for giving a seat to the child. Discuss on how to handle this problem in the public. The fee is demanded by the school and college but the most worst thing is that the parents are very much ready to give the bribe for the sake of the seat. The government is also not taking any initiative to take care of this issue. Everything that is happening is happening with the knowledge of the government but the government is not taking any initiative to take care of this issue. Please provide some valuable ideas on how to make our Tamil Nadu free from corruption.

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    In my view you can't stop them to do this , now a days every year they are increasing their fees and showing that they are providing much more facility so government is also not interfering between this and i must say this is done by all the private college with high rise near about 10 to 15 % every year.

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    Nothing is there that cannot be stopped. There are also options available for us to stop this issue. The school and the college are going in the money motive they are planning to develop their college in the great way. If this issue is taken to the government then we must force the government to put a strong rule so that the colleges should definitely obey the rule. If the colleges and schools are allowed to obey the rules very strictly then there will not be any corruption.

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    Fine. But don't you think there is a big difference is studying in Govt School and something like the DAV? The difference is simple. Pvt schools invest in technology, good staff, "Quality Education" and hence require more money. Whilst in a Govt. School, "Quantity Education" is considered. In Govt schools, Education is a right but in Pvt schools, Education is a Value.

    Capitation fee need not be stopped. But definitely can be reduced. That too in these days, where MNC's come for placements only when money is paid to them. When every other things are becoming money-based, how can education alone be right based?


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    Hi varun,

    If the college that provides value education gets capitation fees then it will be fine but there are certain colleges which does not provide value education and even campus placements. I mean that those colleges should not get capitation fees. At least they should offer education for a minimum fees.

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    There are few aspects to be noted in this concerned area.

    Why educational instituitions ask for donation unofficially? and Why people still pay donation for admission?

    Whom must we blame? Instituition Management or Parents who pay the bribe?

    I would blame only the parents.

    There are several worst scenarios to proclaim this.

    A son wants to be an engineer and so do their parents. He scores less in 12th exams that the student couldn't get any good college. What that student needs is a lesson for himself. But, what does parents do? Pay capitation fees and join their son in a reputed college. And Parents would say that they saved him till the end.

    His Parents should have put him in a polytechnic college, asked him to score more this time. Then get admission in an college as lateral entry and finally he becomes an engineer. This woud make feel that, the boy himself has achieved his dream.

    People's most abrupt assumption is "Money can replace and compensate marks."

    This is being proved every year.

    You can't buy everything with money. If you can, why don't you guys just pay a lumpsome amount as bribe or capitation fee to the university and get the degree certificate.

    You say a school or college that doesn't ask for capitation fee. Then, we all consider it as a good instituition.

    Actually, they get the capitation fee as a regular fee.

    Let me bring into notice how today's school fees look like.... (Source from recent survey!)

    Tuition fee - Rs. 12,500

    Special fee - Rs. 15,000

    Building fund - Rs. 12,500

    School Diary and Badge - Rs. 1000

    School Van - Rs. 4500

    PTA fund - Rs. 1500


    GRAND TOTAL - Rs. 47,000

    Government Recommendation - Rs. 11,000


    Oh My God! What do they do with this money!

    I couldn't even believe my own eyes.

    This is how today's scenario is and the worst is yet to come.

    No can stop this. We can only die trying.


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