JJ raises the prices of Milk ,bus tickets and electricity

Again the iron lady has proved herself..She is praised for her courage to do things as her wish.Yes, there are some people to praise bad things also.This praising gave her more courage to do harm to the people of Tamilnadu.She unexpectedly has raised the bus fare and the price of milk .not a minimal level but above 40% at a stroke.Moreover she has announced to raise also the fare of electricity..she has decided to hit the people heavily at a time as after one year the parliamentary elections will come and she could not do more harm..She has pointed some reasons for these price raising but how can people bear this burden? Their wage is not raised..their employment opportunities are not raised .But people will listen all things and will wait for time.They recently have taught a heavy lesson to Kalaignar by using JJ as a tool ..But jj behave like as if she is the reason for her success ..Vijayakanth and left parties organised with ADMK to teach a lesson to DMK and it worked..Again people will choose a correct tool to teach JJ one more time..