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    Answer simple questions and earn money


    Hope all the members would have seen the new Forum section, Ask about Tamilnadu.

    Members of Tamilspider can earn cash credits for answering the questions asked in that section about Tamilnadu from today (09/06/2010).

    Conditions to be followed:

    Members when answering the questions,

    1. Should answer the question with brief and effecive words.
    2. Should not make spelling mistakes.
    3. Should not use SMS languages like "!!!! , ....., hmmm, plss" etc.,
    4. Should not use mere attachments/hyperlinks to answer the question. Instead, some explanations should be provided with the attachment/hyperlinks.
    5. As a common rule for all the sections of Tamilspider, promoting other websites is not allowed.

    Suggestions are invited.
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    Hello Mr. Shankar Ganesh!

    Thanks for implementing this offer as this will surely provide the members of TamilSpider an extra opportunity to earn more cash credits. Nevertheless, I think personally I am not going to be much benefitted from this offer since I know literally nothing about Tamilnadu and I would be rather asking questions every now and then rather than answering them.

    Still, on behalf of the members of TamilSpider, I would like to appreciate this innovative offer. This will attract more members to TamilSpider.

    Nevertheless, in addition to the criteria you have published for becoming eligible for the cash credits in "Ask about Tamilnadu", I would like to suggest you another one. Please make sure that people do not post fake answers by announcing that answers following the first one, without any additional information, will not be eligible for cash credits.

    I would love to hear your response regarding this.


    Kumaraditya Sarkar.

    Kumaraditya Sarkar
    Site Co-ordinator, SpiderWorks Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

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    As Kumaraditya suggested, the repeated answers will not be approved.
    Shankar Ganesh

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    Hello Mr. Ganesh!

    Thanks for taking my suggestion. Surely, this will decrease fraud activities and the genuine reader will not be puzzled in the midst of numbers of spam responses.

    Nevertheless, add this point in your thread above since some members may just throw a glance there, overlook my response, and hurry to "Ask about Tamilnadu" to earn their cash credits!


    Kumaraditya Sarkar.

    Kumaraditya Sarkar
    Site Co-ordinator, SpiderWorks Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

    Surprising CTR, CPC and eCPM in Punjabspider!

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    Hello Shankar,

    It is an excellent opportunity for the members of Tamil spider. This will also gain cash credits soon to the members. I appriciate your creativity for thinking different and introducing these options for earning in the Tamil Spider. Keep it up.

    Hello Kumar,

    You dont have anything to worry. There will definitely be questions that are in general and you can participate and give your suggestions and contributions to that questions and earn cash credits. You are expert in giving suggestions and why cant you just give common suggestions in the questions asked about the Tamilnadu.

    Thanks & Regards
    S. Balasubramanian
    Site Coordinator Tamilspider
    Webmaster Chennaispider

    Quote: "There are no accidents" - Kung fu Panda

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    It is a great opportunity for all the members. I personally feel that this section will be more beneficial for people outside Tamilnadu along with visitors from Tamilnadu

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    Thank for giving the great oppurtunity and there is lot of chance for know about tamilnadu.I am from chennai i can able to transfer the local news and happenings around me.


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    Thanks Shanker Ganesh

    This small gesture will be booster dose for the members of this site.

    And i thought this site is becoming stale.

    Once thanks for thinking to revive in new direction.

    K Mohan

    Theeinal Sutta Punn Arumay...Aaradhey Naavinaal Sutta Vadu...

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    hello members !!
    this looks great opportunity for all of us.
    Please take advantage of it.
    Sangram nandkhile

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    This is a nice one. Apart from the fact of earning money, it is also quite important to impart knowledge based education. We are doing it right!

    "I was a nut, before becoming a tree!"

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    Hi shankar,

    it is a good opportunity to get some cash credit in Tamilspider also. Opportunity to know more about tamilnadu.



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    Hi Shankar,

    This is a good opportunity to get some extra cash credit in, This is a good one for who is spend on more time to internet. so don't miss this opportunity, if u once miss it then never get a chance again.



    "A stitch in Time saves nine",

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    This is one of the clear signs that you are genuinely interested in providing some extra money to the members for their contribution. I do appreciate your efforts. May our friends make use of this opportunity.

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    the taste of tirunelveli haiwa is maintaining good sweet content,smoothness,look

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