Mullai Periyar Dam - What is the solution?

Now its Kerala's turn to fight with TN for water. Mullai Periayar dam was built 100 years ago by British Engineer Penny. Southern TN irrigation is fully depends on this dam. Dam is in Kerala, but the control of dam is with TN government. Kerala starts giving trouble to TN during 1980s. Initially it says dam has some leakage and has to be rectified. TN and Kerala came to an agreement to strengthen the dam and till then reduce storage to 136 ft instead of 142 ft. TN agreed and strengthen the dam. After that Kerala doesn't allowed TN to increase the capacity and file a case in court. SC panel told that Dam doesn't have any damage and its very strong. So SC ordered to increase the storage to 142 ft. But Kerala didnt respect the judgement and brought a new law immediately against SC judgement.
All the experts agreed that dam is very strong and doesn't any threat except Kerala.

The intention behind the new dam is not people safety. Kerala wants to take over the dam indirectly by building new dam. Land lease agreement will not be applicable for new dam. Kerala says that they will give enough water to TN, but it is not ready to talk about lease agreement. Central is ready to mediate between the states, but it seeks written agreement from Kerala to ensure water supply to TN. But Kerala is not ready for the agreement.

Kerala Electricity board built Idukki dam during the year of 1979 which is 50 km far from Mullai Periyar dam. Idukki dam has the capacity of 70 tmc where as Mullai periyar has just 10 tmc. Once Kerala took over the control of Mullai periyar dam, it will redirect the water to Idukki dam from Mullai periyar. This is the Kerala's master plan.
Even Mullai Periyar gets collapsed, all the water will go to Idukki dam and not to the residential area. So far Kerala doesnt submit any proof in supreme court regarding practically what will happen if the dam got collapsed.

2 yrs back communists government released CD about what will happen if dam got collapsed. Now Congress government gave fund to Dam999 movie and unnecessarily creates panic among the people. Director says Dam999 is not talking about mullai periyar. Then why he named as 999?

If new dam built the southern TN would become dry. TN did a mistake by allowing Karnataka government to built the Kabini dam in Cauvery. During that time Karnataka gave assurance for water. but what is the status now? TN should not repeat the mistake once again.

Kerala slogan is Water for TN and Safety for people and TN slogan is Dam for TN and Safety for people.

Only solution is all the water resources should be nationalized. But Congress and its Prince is against it.