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    Will the rising price in tamil nadu affect the ruling goverment?

    Hi to all in tamil spider.

    After coming to power the ruling party admk is making many changes in the administration. One among that is the rising price of the basic needs. The bus fare, milk rates are increased very much. The electricity price is also expected to meet the changes.

    After the historical victory in tamil nadu the admk government has laid its burden on the people. Will it really attack the ruling party's status in tamil nadu ? Or will the people accept the change ?
    I wish every one to give your views on this issue.
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    Hi Jerold,

    I think the risi prices are sure to affect the ruling government. The price hike is going to affect only the poor and not the rich also the menu in Satthunavu has been changed and even that too is reduced in quality. This is very very bad. The mid-day meals or satthunavu offered to the poor children has been reduced very very horrible thing.

    If this goes on then they have to face the consequences.


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    jj clearly knows that there is no election soon .So she decides to attack the people as she wishes.She do whatever correct to her.She has the power for five she raises the price of electricity milk and transport.This will not end here.She will raise more ration goods price in future.She has many reasonable points to her side.But where will people go to get money to buy these .So govts should think from the side of poor people.She has the ambition of becoming Deputy Prime Minister of India .so only she pretends to some issues like Tamils,fishermen etc .Actually she is more than BJP in fundamentalists ideology .But she has to face Dravida sensitive in Tamil Nadu .Otherwise she even will tend to order all should eat vegetarian only and MBCs and Dalits should not enter schools. In next budget she will cut the regular govt employees posts and their wages.We can enjoy more from JJ

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    Hello Vasudevan Sir,
    Some(My friends & my surrounding) says JJ actions were correct. The things done by JJ will improve Tamilnadu government. Rising bus fare, electricity and bus fare will increase resource for the future purpose. Also there is a talk that Mr.Karnanithi has wasted budget for unnecessary purpose leads JJ to do this action. These strict actions may surely lead to the Tamilnadu development.

    They think that JJ action in changing Library to children's hospital is correct. Everybody think one second that you are living outside of Tamilnadu. Do we surely need a big library? Every college has integrated library and ebooks and lot of stuffs regarding books nowadays. Nobody is going to search books in ANNA ARIVALAYAM. Think of hospitals in Tamilnadu. Only very few while comparing with population. Thinking like this way my mind think JJ action is correct.

    Mr.Vasudevan as you are the senior member of this site you must be familiar with politics what you think about the above comments. I have no idea about what is happening. Only point I heard is What will the poor people do if the price is increasing like this?

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