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    Rising bus fare - a good solution

    The tamil people are shocked by the increased price of bus fare. The bus rates is raised around 40 percentage. The same happened in electricity and milk departments.

    Reasons for rising price:

    the tamil nadu government states that bus department is running in loss. The bus department has the loss around 50 thousand lakh. So inorder to make the profit the bus rate is increased.

    Ways to correct :

    it is not that all the buses are running in loss. All the private buses are earning a huge profit in the current rate. Why the government is not able to achieve the target ?
    The government bus drivers are not active. We could see that the government buses are running without crowd when the private buses get the crowd. Steps should be taken to make corrections.
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    Hello friends,
    I think it is one of the stupid act of the state government to raise the price of the ticket at once. I dont think the rise is wrong but it should be in such a manner that people can digest them. A rise of fares at once to about 80- 100% at once is something that creates controversies. I think she is trying to bring a change in the state government and in the minds of the public by doing such act. There are so many other things other than the essentials of life and to make a hike in the essential commodities is not a good practice of the government. I think that the government should bounce back to reduce the price of essential to at least 75% as of the new rates. the people are the ones who are affected more and it is not an responsible act of the government as stated by Jaya mam.

    Sudhan A

    "All men who have achieved great things have been great dreamers"

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    Hi Friends,

    I agree with Sudhan and Jerold. The government has hiked the bus fares and made the people to suffer. The charges has been doubled.
    Most of the people in Tamilnadu travel in buses and this is going to affect the lower and middle income group. They will never be able to afford this and it is also shocking that many of the white board buses have been decreased in numbers.

    Many people like flower sellers, fruit vendors, etc. will be very much affected.

    This hike in bus fare is going to affect only the poor or lower income groups and not the upper middle class and rich people.

    Government should reconsider this and must lower the bus fares.


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    Hi Jerold,

    People come to bus stops and complain that buses are crowded or the frequency of buses is very less.
    To run more buses in a particular route, the government has to earn enough money to buy new buses. To earn money, they have to either take loans or increase the bus fares.
    As per your post, you have said that, they are already in a huge debt.
    Thus, the only solution left is to increase bus fares. Also, we have to note that, Tamilnadu bus fares are still cheaper compared to neighboring states.

    Thus, I don't see anything wrong in increasing the bus fares.

    Now, the government is compelled to provide quality bus services, because, they are taking enough money as fares.
    Even after taking this much money, if there are leaky buses or uncomfortable rides, the general public will take the lead!!!

    SOURCE : I'm a frequent bus user. I go to office in bus only!

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