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    The bus tickets has been raised

    After coming to power, the admk government is doing many shocking changes. The goverment has changed many things and now it is on the next move to increase the bus ticket rates to a huge level.

    The bus tickets are going to be increased around 40 paise per kilo metre. The bus fare is raised to 40 percentage extra. Only the poor people who use the bus are going to be mostly affected by this rules. The economy of living has been raised very much . The government is increasing not only on bus tickets but also on other products like milk
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    Hai Jerold,

    Hope u left up with recent up coming Hike in EB...... and many more......

    S.Naina Khan

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    Kalignar and his party as well as his family done many mistakes that tortured people.And their corruption was at a historical level.The anger of the people taught JJ to act loyal to the people and so she did well.The support of captain Vijayakanth and left parties polarised all votes against DMK in favour of the ADMK. But JJ thinks that she is the only reason for her victory.So she going on doing mistakes.Her actions slowly dragging her down from the chair of the CM of TamilNadu.She now has attacked the poor the people raising the bus fair and milk rates.she has also alarmed that the tariff of electricity would also be raised soon.She goes on giving reasons but she has no answer to the question of the people 'Where could we get money to live?' .This is the great weapon to get down from her chair.

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    If this go on like this people won't go to their work. They will start to fight. If JJ is a good CM she should provide good employment offers to the people to get high salary. She is just keep on increasing fares thinking that she is doing nice to Tamilandu government. Buses now charging Rs.9 for per KM that for the next stop. This is illegal activity. Next thing the people fight with their boss to increase the salary. Think every people in Tamilnadu were disturbed lot by this increased price.

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