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    How much money we can earn through adsense per day ?

    Hi tamil spider members ,

    i have joined the tamil spider family recently and i don't have the adsense account so far. I hear that getting an adsense account is a bit difficult one. It needs a lot of procedures to be done for getting an adsense account, and also there is more chances for getting an adsense account to be rejected for no reason. Will an adsense account be an usefule one ? How much we can earn through the adsense account per day (approx) ? Will it give more earnings than the tamil spider ?
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    Hello Jerold,
    Yes having an ad sense account is definitely a huge benefit!

    But, ad sense earnings is purely depends on your content. Earnings will gradually increase form cents to 12 dollars in a single day. All you have do is to find apt topic(I'll help in giving the topics) and post. You will automatically gets more traffic there by increase in ad sense.

    A S Kranthi Kiran

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    Hi Jerold,
    Follow the things said by our webmaster. I too gained advantage from the things said by our webmaster. One day I posted about election as said by our webmaster. I gained 4$ per day which is the biggest amount I earned per day. So follow the webmaster idea and think why he chooses this topic. You can understand the SEO soon. You will learn quickly the hot topics about Tamilnadu. You can't learn just by posting articles randomly. Still I knew only the things that bronze members knew. Much to gain knowledge about SEO. Don't search for money which is the only thing I learnt from posting articles in TSR. Now I have improved little bit than before. Daily i will get 300 visitors but now I get 600 visitors per day by following the instructions said by webmaster. Think like an ordinary man and post like SEO expert. Sitting in front of computer for several hours won't makes you to gain knowledge about SEO. Look at the public. Think what they need. Surely you can improve the SEO skills.

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    Thank you mr. Venkat kumar,
    i am following our web masters words. I am learning many things throug tamil spider. Thanks for your valuable help and support

    Defeat the defeat, before the defeat defeats you


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    Hello Jerold,

    Really, The process of ad sense approval is more complicated one. We can get the ad sense approval from google only after full verification process of our application is completed. The document what we are submitting for ad sense approval should be more reliable and informative. Before apply for ad sense approval, We should learn various terms and conditions of google ad sense. It will help us to avoid our application to be disapproved.

    There are various status for applications available in google ad sense like Pending, approved, disapproved. The pending of approvals are in process and further it will be approved. The disapproved applications are required more attention to verify our submitted information to google.

    The minimum requirements also to be satisfied by us to get approval from google ad sense. For more details, you can refer the ad sense profile of yours. We should satisfy 5 out of 6 requirements in that.

    Sometimes, The ad sense account may be disapproved after a long time it is approved. This will happen due to illegal access and "Invalid click access" in our account. This will affect and reduce the revenue of the members of this ad sense. If it is happened once, The google will disapprove our account. Once it is disapproved, then it is difficult to get back the same account again and some times it is not possible also. While the account is being disapproved, The balance amount in ad sense will be automatically canceled and we can't get it back. Then only way is that we have to create new account with ad sense again.

    So, Please take at most care while handling the google ad sense account in future.

    With regards,


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