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    Re-Exam for the TNPSC-VAO exams

    Hi to all members in tamil spider,

    As we know there was a big scandal in the TNPSC board. As it is only governed by the governor and president, the TNPSC board has done a great mischief in the exam and selection process of the Group II and Group III exams. The Vigilance with a special government order (which was passed recently that the TNPSC board members can be questioned by the Vigilance team) arrested the chairman and 13 members(total memebers -14. One is not filled. the TNPSC board has got money from the students and gave the question papers to them in the earlier stage. And also these students were given excuses in the personal interview.

    Now the problem is that recently the VAO exam was conducted and many passed the exam with great struggle. There are chances for the mal-practised student have passed the exam. Now is it correct to conduct a re-exam ? If it is conducted the really worked hard students situation ?
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    There is no other go in this issue. Only way is to conduct re-exam. This is bitter news for toppers in the previous exam. The mistakes were with students too. They gave money to pass and get seats in the exam. TNPSC cannot find the good candidate and the bad one. No one is able to stop this cause and this is happening in all the exams without our knowledge. Re-Exams were the only solution to this type of problem.

    The alternate method is the selection procedure should be changed. Exams are the old fashion and mal practices can be done easily. The selection should be automated and should not under the human control. They can conduct online exams with different question sets for everyone. And the selection must not under man control. Since the selection is under human control they get money and select the candidates. This will reduce crime rate to 50% for sure.


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    Hello Jerold,
    I think it is really a big issue which cannot be settled by any other source other than to provide proper re exam to the students. I think the talented students would clear the exam once again but those who are not talented would definitely fail but this can affect those students also who have performed well in the exam without any Mal practice and if the test are held once again there is a situation where the students may fail and this would affect them to a great extend.

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    Such type of mal-practices are very common in TNPSC examinations. All happenings within the state are influenced by the political affluent. I don't know when the complete transparency will be made mandatory for all examinations. In my view, interview should be wiped out instead written test which can be produced as an evident before the court of law should be allowed. There are many cases found like selecting a candidate who have not attended the interview and so on.
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