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    Semester system for tamil nadu schools

    Hi to all members in tamil spider,

    After coming to the throne JJ is making a number changes from the old government. She has opposed the Samacheer Kalvi and it came intp act with the fianl deicion of the supreme court. But here is a another information that none of these books printed in the last year will not sustain/ carried to the next year syllabus.

    Next year the school syllabus is going to be utterly different from that of present. A semester system is going to be announced for the tamil nadu schools inorder to reduce the books burden of the kids. The year is going to be divided into three parts/semester and will be given a seperate book for each semester. once the exams on one particular semester gets they don't take it back again. It may reduce the book burden of the students. What is your stand in this issue ? Is it a welcome one or not ?
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    There will be some advantage for introducing this Trimester. Students can gain more knowledge in a year instead of learning same thing for year. It will reduce the stress level. Since it was Trimester scheme there will be only few books and few subjects for a year.

    New syllabus should contain something new to around the world. They should be worth. It should paves way to some invention. Old syllabus contains topics which is not useful to today's generation.

    They should introduce all the basics including engineering basics from schooling itself. They should give marks for presenting projects not for scribbling something in exams. Everyone knows the theory but don't know the real thing happening. These problems should be eradicated in the upcoming syllabus.


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    I think that yes the semester system would prove a better system for the students of now a days. I would say that most of the student have the exam fear that makes them get low marks in the exam and if the semester system is passed in schools I think the students would be definitely more benefited by this system and this would definitely rise the standard of those people who lack the tendency to face the exams and fear the exams.
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    I think this is completely politically motivated. We all know that JJ strongly opposed the Samacheer Kalvi. This is only because of the fact that the system was introduced by DMK government. Now she is thinking that she should also introduce something like samacheer kalvi. Actually samacheer kalvi is universally accepted by all eminent educationist of India and abroad too. This type of frequent change of syllabus and the system will definitely bring a setback for the whole Tamil Nadu education. This is the only reason for which most of the private schools jumped to CBSE board. As introduced, the samacheer kalvi must be continued for at least 5 years after that a formal feedback and review should be done by the educationists. If they seek for any change than that can be done by the government. Education system should not be hamper because of this political drama.
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    Govt should think and take necessary action to improve our educational system.But this introduction of semester is not seems like taken for that, they are trying to make changes in samacheer kalvi introduced by DMK.ADMK Govt has tried a lot to stop the samacheer kalvi which will give equal education for all people.we have to thank the law interference in the case and helped poor and middle class people in gaining the knowledge.
    as krishnamoorthy said samacheer kalvi was universally accepted by all elements and the syllabus was designed by well educated persons.In future everybody will have good knowlegde in tamilnadu and hope that will take tamilnadu to overcome kerala in education.

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